i tried the impossible bottle flip challenge and this happened

4-Sen, 2020
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i tried the impossible bottle flip challenge and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels

  • 0:51 It is official...Gray has beaten the system 👁👁

    coneesconeesKun oldin
  • so I was wearing headphones and it just goes can I dunk the ball without PLEASE CHARGING

    TuRtZ4LiFeTuRtZ4LiFeKun oldin
  • Wtf did he just call a period?

    rockstar 5934rockstar 5934Kun oldin
  • Gray: "Its so long! " Me: *Sips herb tea peacefully* Gray: "I know thats what she said" Me: *Spits out tea* "GRAY!"

    ii_Pansmessii_Pansmess2 kun oldin
  • sup bish

    Jaxxon CollinsjaramilloJaxxon Collinsjaramillo2 kun oldin
  • 2:50 I don’t think that a woman ever complained that it was ‘so long’

    Samuel GboiSamuel Gboi2 kun oldin
  • "little Tom Hardy may havel lost his arms but he'll be just fine" Rips son in half Will he Gray? Will he really?

    ALLHOUR Premium FragrancesALLHOUR Premium Fragrances2 kun oldin
  • How are Happy we

    Bubber GusBubber Gus2 kun oldin
  • I just realized something is it possible for a happy wheels character to die from blood loss

    Rebel SixRebel Six3 kun oldin
  • 6:21

    UnderscoRR GamingUnderscoRR Gaming4 kun oldin
  • Level:WE HAVE YOU IN IMPOSIBLE MODE Grey:I like those odds

    IDCWHOIAM IdkIDCWHOIAM Idk4 kun oldin
  • Graysillplays is like a human version of bender from futurama

    Ultimate_Mario_GuyUltimate_Mario_Guy4 kun oldin
  • you find a level that took 2 hours to make (bad level) you find a level that took 1 min to make and kills your frame rate (good level) says Gray

    Liam ClareLiam Clare5 kun oldin
  • Rjeic

    Jayden RamosJayden Ramos6 kun oldin
  • Memes

    Pedro SanchezPedro Sanchez6 kun oldin
  • Yeet

    Pedro SanchezPedro Sanchez6 kun oldin
  • Im. Gay

    Pedro SanchezPedro Sanchez6 kun oldin
  • Bruh

    Pedro SanchezPedro Sanchez6 kun oldin
  • Dan

    Pedro SanchezPedro Sanchez6 kun oldin
  • Gray: It'll be ok *tom hardy gets ripped in half* Also gray: :O It's still okay!!!!!!!!

    yeeetboibruh YTyeeetboibruh YT6 kun oldin
  • 4:48 Amung us

    Zac CrossettZac Crossett6 kun oldin
  • ;-;

    Eiljah JosephEiljah Joseph6 kun oldin
  • 6:22-6:56 nuh uh, that some final destination carp right there

    Nathan NewmanNathan Newman6 kun oldin
  • 7:50 that’s what my parents said when I saw them playing without me

    Matthew ForsythMatthew Forsyth6 kun oldin
  • 4:53 found footage of man killing himself after witnessing "too much pride"

    Clowning_AroundClowning_Around6 kun oldin
  • Watermelon: survives Gray: I would have survived, I just would have to pull Excalibur out of my balls! Me: Hahahahahahahahahahah lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Bekfast BradenBekfast Braden6 kun oldin
  • 4:51 among us body

    Harrison EdwardsHarrison Edwards6 kun oldin
  • Hahaha 11:07

    Vexz LuckyVexz Lucky6 kun oldin
  • I keep getting ads about bipolar depression when I watch Grey. Enough said

    County Line GamesCounty Line Games7 kun oldin
  • Normal people:😐 Skaters: HE SAID KICKFLIP!!!!!!!

    Landon HaynesLandon Haynes7 kun oldin
  • Doing the worm on his body TOTALLY DOES NOT SOUND LIKE A RAPE

    Nicole BauerNicole Bauer8 kun oldin
  • 3:30 I did that map

    TornadoJackgamingTornadoJackgaming8 kun oldin
  • 3:58 well.....thats no ice cream for them :(

    Tygo van LeeuwenTygo van Leeuwen8 kun oldin
  • Happy Wheels is basically Danganronpa executions

    TheDullNullTheDullNull8 kun oldin
  • 4:30 I do love some Danganronpa style executions :)

    TheDullNullTheDullNull8 kun oldin
  • Random person : im the best! Gray : you dare oppose me mortal

    Rakha adiraRakha adira9 kun oldin
  • helllo

    MH - 04KE 870287 Briarwood PSMH - 04KE 870287 Briarwood PS9 kun oldin
  • Impossible is not a word for gray

    AidenGamingAidenGaming9 kun oldin
  • bruh no swearing

    Omomofe IkomiOmomofe Ikomi9 kun oldin
  • You would be a great dad

    Random DemonRandom Demon10 kun oldin
  • i actually played the lawnmower guy don't move level and it actually messed up...

  • Gray should play the trilogy on happy wheels The astro avenger Renaissance ravager Prehistoric pilgrim I've played them and they're really cool

    Clone Commander EN-08Clone Commander EN-0811 kun oldin
  • That’s his torso

    DMDrummingDMDrumming11 kun oldin
  • Gray: this is like a spine alignment treatment Me: so a chiropractor

    Effectivefox2Effectivefox211 kun oldin
  • No he did not die 5 thousand times he died of 5 thousand tons

  • I am proud of being the 2000th comment

    JohnnyJohnny12 kun oldin
  • Me, a game character: wow, so beautif- *graystillplays has joined the game, he’ll has risen* Me: OH GOD NO

    Samuel ColeSamuel Cole12 kun oldin
  • Did anybody notice the nuber of dislikes is 666

    Ruth EuellRuth Euell13 kun oldin
  • the dislikes are at 666

    Micah AtomMicah Atom13 kun oldin
  • Hey gray. You know how you blocked the knife s the FIRST time. WELL GUSS WHAT yo made two knifes stand on the bottles whirl being Crossed. If you missed that. I'm just only going to say SaiR YOU NEED SOME HELP. But if you did see it then why am i talking to you? We'll have a good life!

    Sam WommackSam Wommack13 kun oldin
  • 8:05 That sounded auto tuned, ngl

    OG DOOM SlayerOG DOOM Slayer14 kun oldin
  • Every bottle run, his sons head falls off

    Chace N LiuChace N Liu14 kun oldin
  • 4:38 Gray Satisfying Compilation

    Winky The NoobletWinky The Nooblet15 kun oldin
  • In the first level, he didn't understand how death Is winning

    NitWittyNitWitty15 kun oldin
  • The warning was obviously fake

    Kenny LinKenny Lin15 kun oldin
  • HAHA! 4:47 looks like a Body in among us

    Nigel DemeryNigel Demery16 kun oldin
  • You know you’re a happy wheels character when this is how you go to school. My grandpa: maybe I am.

    AbsoluteMadLad 79AbsoluteMadLad 7916 kun oldin
  • 3:13

    Aaron AaronAaron Aaron16 kun oldin
  • Good vid!

    Joseph KorteJoseph Korte17 kun oldin
  • There is no such thing as legos

    Oliver BridgeOliver Bridge17 kun oldin
  • Finnaly the yeet have arrived yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    Logpihingikop the theo Haven manLogpihingikop the theo Haven man17 kun oldin
  • Happy 4 Millions 🥳👌🌟

    Nowell NelsonNowell Nelson17 kun oldin
  • Grey: hey Tom are those your intestines or mine Tom:ima head out

    Zero 2 The animeZero 2 The anime18 kun oldin
  • E

    exotic plooshexotic ploosh18 kun oldin
  • There needs to be a map called taxes just for Gray to play

  • 4:35 the way his body ripped was kinda satisfying

    シYourLocalRandoシYourLocalRando18 kun oldin
  • You have to play balcony terror

    Jonah MoranJonah Moran18 kun oldin
  • 9:18 = Gray - "Why in the balls?" Oh, so you wanted for the sword to "lightly touch it (6:11)" or did you wanted for it to "do the worm on your body (7:47)"?

    EL ZORRO MXEL ZORRO MX18 kun oldin
  • You went so fast it looked like you weren’t moving at all 4:04

    Jonah MoranJonah Moran18 kun oldin
  • 9:21 Are you sure you would still be a man after that?!

    FoxGaming 2017FoxGaming 201719 kun oldin
  • 49k like omg but i like is video

    Salvador TaveraSalvador Tavera19 kun oldin
  • is soooo funny

    Salvador TaveraSalvador Tavera19 kun oldin
  • The child in the front of the mothers bike is a girl

    King ThingKing Thing19 kun oldin
  • 4M subscribers just 100,000 more we can do it

    Lincoln GoforthLincoln Goforth19 kun oldin
  • how the hell do i get this game

    3 random dots3 random dots19 kun oldin
  • Why it looks like the harpoons and person stoped 4:03

    doge the doggydoge the doggy19 kun oldin
  • 4:37 Tom hardy made like a banana and slit!

    Jake DogeJake Doge19 kun oldin
  • 7:30 That's a French flag :/

    TimochatTimochat19 kun oldin
  • Q

    r o b i n s o nr o b i n s o n20 kun oldin

    Eleanor NicolEleanor Nicol20 kun oldin
  • It's kinda funny when Tom go's boom

    Eleanor NicolEleanor Nicol20 kun oldin
  • Gray shall play

    Arturo TorresArturo Torres21 kun oldin
  • 4:04 time stopped 5 seconds later time resumed

    Preecha WijayaPreecha Wijaya21 kun oldin
  • E A Sports . . Its only game why you have to be mad?

    Preecha WijayaPreecha Wijaya21 kun oldin
  • 9:24 no, that’s how you don’t be a man anymore

    TM_VOLTTM_VOLT21 kun oldin
  • gray: and we will be okay... 1 second later: JB loses his legs and half of torso

    Dio BrandoDio Brando21 kun oldin
  • loll

    Jangmo oJangmo o22 kun oldin
  • I wonder if hes aware the lawnmower has a jump feature and if you hold it, it basically gives a high ride to the lawnmower

    major paynemajor payne22 kun oldin
  • L

    MBMMajors #WMDFTWMBMMajors #WMDFTW22 kun oldin
  • Gray: It'll be ok *Child gets ripped in half by spike*

    I'm still cringyI'm still cringy22 kun oldin
  • 13:00 *checkpoint.exe has stopped working*

    GuernseyTube Or Mini CrewmateGuernseyTube Or Mini Crewmate22 kun oldin
  • "N O"

    caio game playcaio game play22 kun oldin
  • 0:50 rip

    CrunchworksCrunchworks22 kun oldin
  • Love your videos and keep up the work

    PhoenixPlazma clanPhoenixPlazma clan22 kun oldin
  • 8:05 autotune Gray LOL

    B FranksB Franks22 kun oldin
  • 9:30 i thought he was about to say do you like jazz? XD

    DodoWithACameraDodoWithACamera23 kun oldin
  • 6:23 that level should just be called anxiety

    kxpjmkxpjm23 kun oldin
  • During the harpoon run he didn't sacrifice the child.... *REDO IT AND SACRIFICE HIS SOUL TO US* then again you sacrificed him in the baby yeet level....

    Connor KaneConnor Kane23 kun oldin
  • the dad wanted to play catch.... these hands

    Gaven McGuireGaven McGuire23 kun oldin
  • am i the only one who thinks letsgameitout and garystillplays are simmilar

    basti roxasbasti roxas23 kun oldin