i stole literally everything and this happened

17-Avg, 2020
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i stole literally everything and this happened
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The Henry Stickmin Collection is a Newgrounds choose-your-own-path classic, reborn and revitalized. This 6-game epic culminates in multiple entirely canon, extremely different endings. Each step of the journey has you choose from options such as a Teleporter or calling in your buddy Charles to help you out. Correct choices will move the story forward, but incorrect choices lead to a fail. If you get to the end on your first try, you’re doing it wrong. Failing is half the fun.
An Old Series, Remastered
The Henry Stickmin games have seen some good times on the internet, but age has not been kind. Breaking the Bank has been completely reanimated from scratch. Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex have all had their backgrounds and sound effects redone!

  • Henry got so much money he shits gold

    Khima ThapaKhima Thapa5 soat oldin
  • Among us reference: 15:06

    Herobrine 100x v2Herobrine 100x v27 soat oldin
  • So this is the only channel that doesn't have an intro, huh

    Stephen Dave MachicaStephen Dave Machica15 soat oldin
  • *Commits Oof*

    Robert BuskeyRobert BuskeyKun oldin
  • *Presses F*

    Robert BuskeyRobert BuskeyKun oldin
  • 1:47

    Laras KinasihLaras KinasihKun oldin
  • Carol cross was killing her husband

    Jack SchenkenbergerJack Schenkenberger2 kun oldin
  • "Theres only 1 stickman raiding us" *Happy toppat clan* "Its henry" *Counfuse screaming*

    Gaming Dark AlanGaming Dark Alan2 kun oldin
  • Is that song near the end rabid by Ethan meixsell?

    Black FoxBlack Fox3 kun oldin
  • Gray is the best UZworldr ever I’m a veteran!!!

    Chase SullivanChase Sullivan4 kun oldin
  • I love the Henry Stickmin Collection I’m a veteran I’ve known those flash games for years!!!

    Chase SullivanChase Sullivan4 kun oldin
  • F f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f

    Noodle CakesNoodle Cakes5 kun oldin
  • "Do you hear me Charles? A LITERAL Red Herring!!"

    KC97KC977 kun oldin
  • Is it me I just noticed gon an killewy

    Rad RebelRad Rebel8 kun oldin
  • 15:04 there is a among us pet

    Anesu MoyoAnesu Moyo9 kun oldin
  • CharlesRevenge towards the invisible platform which was not there

    Charlie VoorthuijzenCharlie Voorthuijzen9 kun oldin
  • *No ones gonna appreciate how most of the top hats have a great accent?*

    Nightmare DaymareNightmare Daymare9 kun oldin
  • What go wrong:)

    Sheila TorresSheila Torres9 kun oldin

    PKH BomberPKH Bomber10 kun oldin
  • Graystillplays: Do you hear me Charles? A RED HERRING Charles: i hear you loud and clear, Gray-

    Rachel SenfRachel Senf10 kun oldin
  • Ah,Henry stickmin 64, the mario 64 ripoff

    King CashewKing Cashew10 kun oldin
  • Rapidly promoted executive + Ghost inmate is my favourite one xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sm64 reference ___________ /. 🔴🔴M🔴\_____ I 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴\ ------------

    Harwey WooferHarwey Woofer10 kun oldin
  • Because you are not a normal stick

    Nolan WilliamsNolan Williams11 kun oldin
  • QwQ

    čøśmîč _YTčøśmîč _YT12 kun oldin
  • Tf2 wrench got stolen by Florida man

    Joel NguyenJoel Nguyen12 kun oldin
  • did you know that Australia has golden TP

    john mooringjohn mooring12 kun oldin
  • I bet if Gray stole stuff in real life and got caught, the cops would say "just keep it"

    Joseph KellerJoseph Keller13 kun oldin
  • Lol determination

    Gunawan Hario WibowoGunawan Hario Wibowo13 kun oldin
  • *Calmy Says:* *A l r i g h t*

    Jack nopeJack nope14 kun oldin

    Desa TemuguruhDesa Temuguruh14 kun oldin
  • One of the priceless items that Henry stole is from JoJo ( the mask on bottom right)

    Sneaky sneaky BoiSneaky sneaky Boi15 kun oldin
  • Stop showing fails

    Brett ParkBrett Park16 kun oldin
  • The florida man saga: Breaking lives

    wilbeth march gongorawilbeth march gongora16 kun oldin
  • Jojo Reference Ryan here! At 17:00 you can see the stone mask!

    Circus CuppetCircus Cuppet17 kun oldin
  • 15:04 there was a among us person you need to collect all of them to get a achivement

    gonzotrashgonzotrash17 kun oldin
  • At 15:04 next to Henry's box there is a tiny among us crew mate

    patrick gamingpatrick gaming18 kun oldin
  • among us character at 15:03

    dwino323 Edwino323 E18 kun oldin

    Cris GamesCris Games19 kun oldin
  • If you seen the among us crew mate 🔽

    XtrooXtroo19 kun oldin

    MarshyMarshy20 kun oldin
  • 15:02 why dont see among us

    Hùng Thòng VĩnhHùng Thòng Vĩnh21 kun oldin
    • Bold of you to assume Gray knows what Among Us is

      Thisisasupersayin3Thisisasupersayin319 kun oldin
  • In the rocket the sign said cockpit

    Rl_lix ;]Rl_lix ;]21 kun oldin
  • Me:*hears "determination"* Also me:interesting

    Asriel DreemurrAsriel Dreemurr21 kun oldin
  • 6:14 building a sentry

    Joot ManJoot Man22 kun oldin

    Joot ManJoot Man22 kun oldin
  • As a Florida man I have done all of this stuff in real life.

    phillip cleavesphillip cleaves22 kun oldin
  • Ellie will remember that ... 28 stab wounds

    E KE K22 kun oldin
  • Never once, has my dopamine been more satisfied.

    SpectrumSpectrum22 kun oldin
  • “Smokey the bear is going to remember that you d***” I laughed so hard I cried

    Pipe cleaner MasterPipe cleaner Master23 kun oldin
  • Why can’t I just sit next to him like a normal stick?!?

    Hearty Smarty SistersHearty Smarty Sisters23 kun oldin
  • 15:05 Among us baby

    Leduncan AppelLeduncan Appel23 kun oldin
  • 14 mins in Gray says, he takes a lot of shots to the head. 10 seconds later, henrys head is off. Gray: Laughs

    QueenSam OfYdosClanQueenSam OfYdosClan23 kun oldin
  • Is that a JoJo’s reference

    Garrett SchienschangGarrett Schienschang23 kun oldin
  • You can get an achevment from clicking f.

    Cameron WarshafskyCameron Warshafsky23 kun oldin
  • 14:16 chicken sound on

    Cookieboi2309Cookieboi230923 kun oldin
  • among us thingy ;-; 15:01

    PsychoSuitPsychoSuit23 kun oldin
  • *H* *E* *N* *R* *Y* *!* *!* *!* *C* *O* *M* *E* *B* *A* *C* *K*

    Alex milo Memes or roblox vids and moreAlex milo Memes or roblox vids and more23 kun oldin
  • hay I saw yellow cremate on a crate hmm that’s sus

  • Press in the chat 4 Henry dying in the train and losing his head

    JT 47JT 4724 kun oldin
    • I meant press F in the chat

      JT 47JT 4724 kun oldin
  • I'm in the dogobogo jungle

    feuerpfote 123feuerpfote 12324 kun oldin
  • 14:13 Never underestimate dumbness

    Reyden GaudetReyden Gaudet25 kun oldin
  • Anyone notice the among us figure at 15:03?

    JeffJeff26 kun oldin
  • wheat does he mean he stol- wait where are my keys?

    That One AxolotIThat One AxolotI27 kun oldin
  • If you click f you get a badge

    Jody dot PalabrasJody dot Palabras27 kun oldin
  • I love the part when you control the robot

    Ayden aguilarAyden aguilar28 kun oldin
  • *happy he never did pursumed dead noises*

    Joshua HeathJoshua Heath28 kun oldin
  • 4:00 I just saw gon from Hunter x Hunter

  • in the back when he was choosing remote tophat i think i saw gon from hunter hunter

    gamecraft gamergamecraft gamer28 kun oldin
  • 15:06 cute among us Easter egg

    Simon DownsSimon Downs28 kun oldin
  • Y’all ain’t gonna talk bout the yellow among us kid at 15:04.

    Tristan CampbellTristan Campbell29 kun oldin
  • Who else saw the among us

    zombie playerzombie player29 kun oldin
  • 11:26 the little “from: Charles :)”sticky note is too cute, how am I expected not to ship these two now?

    George RobinsGeorge RobinsOy oldin
  • dnag i think he didnt see the little among us plush at 15:04

    Tran TroyTran TroyOy oldin
    • Bold of you to assume Gray knows what Among Us is

      Thisisasupersayin3Thisisasupersayin319 kun oldin
  • did anybody see the stone mask? 17:04

    The AdministratorThe AdministratorOy oldin
  • 15:06 *there's a Yellow Crewmate*

    Brian the multi sirenBrian the multi sirenOy oldin
  • Do the ATC (assemble the Crew) rank

    Brian the multi sirenBrian the multi sirenOy oldin
  • me: *sees a Fresh like looking stickman* Error: *destroys computer-*

  • *EGG*

    Y E S S I RY E S S I ROy oldin
  • 17:08 IT IS THE AZTEC MASK FROM JOJO THEY PULLED OUT A JOJO REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Im from the future yes your gonna see it alot

    H20H20Oy oldin
  • 15:4 there is among us plush

    Zakaws chillZakaws chillOy oldin
    • 15:04 there is among us plush

      Zakaws chillZakaws chillOy oldin
  • Get among us guys on the train part

    Gabriel DowGabriel DowOy oldin
  • the portal painting is a reference to mario 64

    tripleduoddwtripleduoddwOy oldin
  • Did anyone else see the mini yellow crewmate from Among Us, at the train stop!?!?!

    Robert BatemanRobert BatemanOy oldin
    • And then once Stickman dropped into that red and white box thing, it disappeared!!! It was sitting on the brown box!

      Robert BatemanRobert BatemanOy oldin
  • the main boss has to be kilean

    LatatodLatatodOy oldin
  • The jetpod looked like omong us character

    ripply boiripply boiOy oldin
  • No my name is Charles

    Charles DurganCharles DurganOy oldin
  • General Stickman Of the Green Military.

    Alva RinoAlva RinoOy oldin
  • F times infinity LOL

    Jonah FraserJonah FraserOy oldin
  • 8:00 lmao I thought it said step dart

    Ari SymonsAri SymonsOy oldin
    • "What are you doing, step-dart?"

      Thisisasupersayin3Thisisasupersayin319 kun oldin
  • Theres a hunter hunter x easter egg there

    Aljon TanateAljon TanateOy oldin
  • 15:03 there's a character from among us

    Two Bros fishingTwo Bros fishingOy oldin
  • *"Why can't I not sit in there like a normal STiCk?"* - GrayStillPlays

    Ray RobinsonRay RobinsonOy oldin
  • F

    Chris CastelliChris CastelliOy oldin
  • Some photoshopping on your thumbnail gray

    weeaboo whoweeaboo whoOy oldin
  • F

    Lucas SchillerLucas SchillerOy oldin
  • Any one notice the amount characters

    Tiny AtchisonTiny AtchisonOy oldin
    • AMOUNT

      Thisisasupersayin3Thisisasupersayin319 kun oldin
  • The sit was an assassin's creed reference I know because I played assassin's creed 2.

    Theodore VaughtTheodore VaughtOy oldin
  • At 15:06 that the among us reference would one day be the biggest game

    Alec BruckerAlec BruckerOy oldin
  • 15:07 I saw that among us

    stop looking at my accountstop looking at my accountOy oldin