i made 100 kids spend 50 years underground

28-Avg, 2020
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i made 100 kids spend 50 years underground
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it's because of that dang cell phone
Lot is "Underground Town" by The-King-of-Axes on the Gallery.
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  • you sound like captainsauce

    BrooklynBrooklyn3 daqiqa oldin
  • I feel like gray is trying to collect different torture sessions like Pokémon

    Reptile GirlReptile Girl5 daqiqa oldin
  • I had a paper cut while watching and click like if u agree that how is it possible for him to build that!?

    Rachelle FreeseRachelle FreeseSoat oldin
    • I liked myself

      Rachelle FreeseRachelle FreeseSoat oldin
  • This is like that one scene in Jimmy Neutron the movie

    Priscilia IglesiaPriscilia Iglesia2 soat oldin
  • what do you use to edit your videos?

    Snowy ChickenSnowy Chicken3 soat oldin

    Boss CoinsBoss Coins3 soat oldin
  • 17:48 D O N A L D T R U M P

    Micheal AftonMicheal Afton4 soat oldin
  • Me:*Watching this video*What a great video!Now all it needs is the Grim- Video:Your prayer has been answered

    Izabel LozaIzabel Loza4 soat oldin
  • Blue Cheese need to come back, now

    davi almeidadavi almeida5 soat oldin
  • Blue cheese is the Brain but if he was a cat

    Random GuyRandom Guy9 soat oldin
  • Ivan Fong..... ???? Lol.... How the heck Evan Fong's relative is here hahaha jk 11:24

    Bui AnhBui Anh10 soat oldin
  • "An underground planting area for them to grow wee-...tomatoes -Gray 2020 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I wanna watch the 🌍🌎🌏 burn sometimes ∩﹏∩

    SamayatheGryffindorSamayatheGryffindor11 soat oldin
  • Is this coke

    Nina IsmailNina Ismail11 soat oldin
  • *When you thought he was doing this with real people:* 👍👁👃👁

    LorquezzLorquezz12 soat oldin
  • Grey face reveal

    Nathanal LashbrooksNathanal Lashbrooks12 soat oldin
  • This is subterranean society

    Cath AmartyaCath Amartya12 soat oldin
  • That bunker it’s actually pretty cute

    A CA C14 soat oldin
  • Oh its a game? Pfft.

    Ni NiNi Ni15 soat oldin
  • The only good thing that came out of this mess is the birth of blue cheese 😂

    Retroboy66Retroboy6615 soat oldin
  • now, my friends. What you witnessed was the third impact.

    Elijah AblasElijah Ablas16 soat oldin
  • "Some people have literally done nothing with the first 25 years of their life" -accurate

    Iwa LougherIwa Lougher16 soat oldin
  • Umm..... Death Oreos........ mhm....

    Charlie TarterCharlie Tarter17 soat oldin
  • Ha, Blue cheese...

    Son whatSon what17 soat oldin
  • I love how he's just like: "yeah everyone is dying but our alien cat is still alive so everything is fine..."

    Lou 034Lou 03418 soat oldin
  • The spotty calculator alarmingly bubble because eel experimentally cry barring a elated snow. unwritten, unequaled root

    Crysthalia BCrysthalia B20 soat oldin
  • Let’s be honest. This was the population in 1700s and before tech advancement and when mortality rates in children were at their hightest

  • sound like fallout

    Arsal AdnanArsal AdnanKun oldin
  • They discover UZworld premium!

    SosigiouseBeansBoi11SosigiouseBeansBoi11Kun oldin
  • When your names juliana-

    Goocha LeafGoocha LeafKun oldin
  • Not gonna lie just before spleens gave birth to blue cheese My heart was pounding to the beat

    RemissBennRemissBennKun oldin
  • The title seems familiar to me...oh yeah a tv show called The 100 💀

    blindspot_eilishblindspot_eilishKun oldin
  • Man man

    TheGoldenSichTheGoldenSichKun oldin

    AleeAleeKun oldin
  • The knocking is scary I was wearing earbuds alone at midnight in my house and I jumped and ran away

    Eli PerryEli PerryKun oldin
  • fallout 5

    nikonikoKun oldin
  • this reminds me of fallout, nice

    Sir HellfoxSir HellfoxKun oldin

    treytreyKun oldin
  • Let's go ask the people in the underground city in wall Sina how there getting on

    AmyfAmyfKun oldin
  • The promised Neverland in a nutshell

    Zoe DehetreZoe DehetreKun oldin
  • I'm dying 🤣

    Jarko ¿Jarko ¿Kun oldin
  • 11:29 Him: With a name like Skyler tho Me: I am Skyler. Lol

    Skyler PorterSkyler PorterKun oldin
  • Sims hate to read? Really? I find I can't stop mine from reading, they do it whenever i want them to be doing something useful even over using a fancy computer.

    Matthew Talbot-PaineMatthew Talbot-PaineKun oldin
  • Um what? This is bad? This is just how I play the sims 4. I take it one step further though everyone gets separate rooms and are not allowed out of them. There is no need to go outside in the sims 4, there is no need to leave your room.

    Matthew Talbot-PaineMatthew Talbot-PaineKun oldin
  • Florida HAS been dead for years...

    Shadow CatShadow CatKun oldin
  • George Cantu? More like George Cuntu

    Candy SeekerCandy SeekerKun oldin
  • Is this Fallout but in the SIMS 4

    Derpavenger 389Derpavenger 389Kun oldin
  • i love his vid is he is sooooo funny

    Da’nya RobertsonDa’nya RobertsonKun oldin
  • 9:45 the second people discover their teenage years, you know what else they discover? (que impromptu gelato commercial) Ummm... I'm gonna guess they discover Gelato.

    Spice WeaselSpice WeaselKun oldin
  • Even its basically isolation they have every luxuries :v

    Connor KenwayConnor KenwayKun oldin
  • Reads title Seem like the US(2019) movie

    Law AboLaw AboKun oldin

    Mary EnglandMary EnglandKun oldin
  • The second people discover their teenage years you know what else they discover? AD: Headspace

    Sidewinders OfficialSidewinders OfficialKun oldin
  • Tonsils: Spleens, no existing!

    Mason ScoginMason Scogin2 kun oldin
  • 11:26 I have a friend literally named Rebekah Clark. I’m scared now.

    nothing importantnothing important2 kun oldin
  • So Gurren Lagann

    MattMatt2 kun oldin
  • Who else is waiting for the day that he loses all of his Sims

    Julie UwuJulie Uwu2 kun oldin
  • The name of the evil man should be free Shabaka do

    Emi JEmi J2 kun oldin
  • Greg: When you became a teen, you know what you see? *AD:* YOU CAN SEE THE FUTUREEEE

    LilEclipse KrewLilEclipse Krew2 kun oldin
  • Honestly, It wouldnt be an episode of Sims without a full liquor bar lmfao

    ExstatikExstatik2 kun oldin
  • “An underground gardening area for them to grow we- TOMATOS” 2:14 😭😭

    Emmanya ReneEmmanya Rene2 kun oldin
  • We need blue cheese!!

    Butter & BreadButter & Bread2 kun oldin
  • Vault-tec in a nutshell

    TheOrangeTree27 coolTheOrangeTree27 cool2 kun oldin
  • Man, the new fallout 76 update looks weird

    Jacob BishoppJacob Bishopp2 kun oldin
  • Graystilplays: Dont disappoint me Falls Graystilplays: your out of the famaily

    Crystal BorahCrystal Borah2 kun oldin
  • Sims can really give the satisfaction of your dark sides.......

    古賀麗華古賀麗華2 kun oldin
  • Good job gray you just ruined the lives of 100 kids

    Jagger BrownJagger Brown2 kun oldin
  • A woman found dead on the side of a Houston road has been identified as a social media influencer: www.11alive.com/article/news/...

    Brian ColemanBrian Coleman2 kun oldin
  • Goddammit I missed spleens preorder 😭😭

    Ashten PassionAshten Passion2 kun oldin
  • got me a plushie of my favorite hell cat

    Emkhlo GardelkEmkhlo Gardelk2 kun oldin
  • 100 Simps

    DaCCTVGuyDaCCTVGuy2 kun oldin
  • Me crying over the fact that I didn’t find you fast enough to get a spleens plushie :((

    KyraKyra2 kun oldin
  • When I first watched this video the scene when the kids started turning onto slender and there eyes leaving there body I laughed so hard there wasn't even any sound coming out ot my lungs where having a severe sezeir

    Emma BeekmanEmma Beekman2 kun oldin
  • Name the man H

    StrawKennyStrawKenny2 kun oldin
  • My spleen’s plushy arrive today❤️

    Alex BoltonAlex Bolton2 kun oldin
  • Hey that is my name

    Skyler MoserSkyler Moser2 kun oldin
  • Gray: The second people discover their teenage years, you know what else they discover? Ad: TALENTI GELATO

    Alex LawsAlex Laws3 kun oldin
  • 9:45 :UZworld hey let's put a reese's add on

    rflx3brosrflx3bros3 kun oldin
  • yeooo the roasting of blue cheese had me hollering 😂😂

    Tamyra VeneyTamyra Veney3 kun oldin
  • Australian man cooks snags not hotdogs

    Aidan OlivieriAidan Olivieri3 kun oldin
  • You’d think 100 kids up to teens could figure out how to repopulate just sayin

    Pokemon Fan artist7463Pokemon Fan artist74633 kun oldin
  • It looks like you are trying to get monetized

    Kazy KeyntKazy Keynt3 kun oldin
  • i dont think he knows that yiu have to put ladders in pools for the sims to get out lol

    Julia GrodzickaJulia Grodzicka3 kun oldin
  • why does ur front door open that way

    Remember MeRemember Me3 kun oldin
  • you know what else they discover? *ad: verizon*

    machacrossingmachacrossing3 kun oldin
  • Gray... This is the only time you've been nice to your sims... Are you ok?

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name3 kun oldin
  • Imagine if this turned out good and everyone was just aLiVe

    William FabianoWilliam Fabiano3 kun oldin
  • gray is now a fallout vault tech scientist. complete with the human torture and everything!

    MawMaw3 kun oldin
  • I feel like Blue Cheese needs to be a permanent member of the family

    Aladdin SenpaiAladdin Senpai3 kun oldin
  • can-cerous

    PurpleLemonGamingPurpleLemonGaming3 kun oldin
  • North Korea in Kim’s mind

    Akio MinoAkio Mino3 kun oldin
  • Every time Blue Cheese was in the video i literally DIED of laughter 🤣😂 It's my first time watching any of you videos and I can honestly tell you that, I am FAR from disappointed 😂

    Olivia Nørregaard NielsenOlivia Nørregaard Nielsen3 kun oldin
  • Blue cheese

    Giovanni CapestyGiovanni Capesty3 kun oldin
  • 'Okay genesis, stop!'

    TsukasaTsukasa3 kun oldin
  • What is the song at 13:15

    PhotonbeamPhotonbeam3 kun oldin
  • I thought it was gonna be underground with just nothing

    I am JoyI am Joy3 kun oldin
  • Blue cheese should stay

    xxingoNTF RobloxxxingoNTF Roblox3 kun oldin
  • City of ember vibes

    KaliyanKaliyan3 kun oldin
  • I love how there's so many sims that the game lag and they don't do anything

    JambonJambon3 kun oldin

    EarthWormSallyEarthWormSally3 kun oldin
  • that sounds like what 2021'll be like

    Mori MoriMori Mori3 kun oldin