i made $1,594,531,918 peeing in people's food

26-Sen, 2020
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i made $1,594,531,918 peeing in people's food
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  • “Assaulted by a tutorial” 🤣🤣 I love this line aha

    Grant PhillipsonGrant Phillipson30 daqiqa oldin
  • Who plays among us like if you do 🙂

    Kiarna StrackKiarna Strack2 soat oldin
  • This is so funny, you're so happy with this

    Valkyrie RainValkyrie RainKun oldin
  • Game Dev: *includes all the plants* "This oughta make him happy." Gray: "What's with all the plants!?" Dev: *tableflip!*

    EtterraEtterra2 kun oldin
  • A good game shines down on gray and he ruins it.the game developers feel like 🥀🥀🥀🥀

    Drawing EnergyDrawing Energy5 kun oldin
  • A good game shines down on gray and he ruins it.the game developers feel like 🥀🥀🥀🥀

    Drawing EnergyDrawing Energy5 kun oldin
  • There’s breaking a game. And then there’s Gray playing a game.

    All54321 GamingAll54321 Gaming6 kun oldin
  • So before I watched gray I had good grades in school but after a vide I got all f so I decide to be dum to watched gray

    Diamond GunrunnerDiamond Gunrunner7 kun oldin
  • Gray is so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    John JuradoJohn Jurado9 kun oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    John JuradoJohn Jurado9 kun oldin
  • Every video: Alright so today we’re checking out the only game where you can _______________. It’s _______________.

    Enter Channel Name HereEnter Channel Name Here15 kun oldin
  • Gray sounded hysterical at some points 🤣

    Bailey AngusBailey Angus16 kun oldin
  • Still waiting for the spongebob salad comment

    Brianna BaskervilleBrianna Baskerville17 kun oldin
  • GrayStillPlays: The stuff of the QA team's nightmares

    psycosanches589psycosanches58917 kun oldin
  • No one Literally nobody: Gray: New sauce, pee sauce!

    ツ*Mike_little BON *ツツ*Mike_little BON *ツ19 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Bradley McGee (Student)Bradley McGee (Student)21 kun oldin
  • Thank you for being a god UZworldr

    CarsdmanCarsdman21 kun oldin
  • ThiS is BRAZIL

    Rafael AlexandreRafael Alexandre21 kun oldin
  • Lol its a good thing Gray has his own youtube channel. I couldn't imagine what he'd do if ever he was an employee 😂

    AunthroneAunthrone23 kun oldin
  • he just turned an ordinary cooking game into Minecraft

    Brozacc McScroogeBrozacc McScrooge24 kun oldin
  • put the table in the trash truck

    Kaelyb BrooksKaelyb Brooks28 kun oldin
  • pooping dammit

    ExplosionSound ExDeeExplosionSound ExDee29 kun oldin
  • e e s h

    Jynxz :Jynxz :29 kun oldin
  • 999k views nearly 1m

    Vani De'GreatVani De'Great29 kun oldin
  • Or maybe we do want them go hungry

    Taylor BattleTaylor Battle29 kun oldin
  • I'm Positive you can script any city

    Taylor BattleTaylor Battle29 kun oldin
  • 1:40 truly the greatest free asset house

    Akuello The Judge Of GodsAkuello The Judge Of GodsOy oldin
  • My summer car vol 2

    F.B.I Federal Bureau of InvestigationF.B.I Federal Bureau of InvestigationOy oldin
  • If he wouldn't spend his time, braking games he would find a way to brake earth's economy becoming a billionaire.

    Koli WeinbachKoli WeinbachOy oldin
  • How are any of your videos even monitized😂good job tho😌😂

    babe how are you so perfectbabe how are you so perfectOy oldin
  • 4:17 jotaro vs dio

    simon kian garon bartolaysimon kian garon bartolayOy oldin
  • “Delectable fried balls”-Gray 2020

    Florida ManFlorida ManOy oldin
  • What is this gamw

    pLAYedyourselfpLAYedyourselfOy oldin
  • Gray:Does the garbage have to go in the garbage?

    Reeboi GamingReeboi GamingOy oldin
  • XD

    SyrnianSyrnianOy oldin
  • Postal 2 simulator🤣

    Cristian PetreCristian PetreOy oldin
  • Funniest UZworldr ever

    Inspired.flatline WInspired.flatline WOy oldin
  • every thing is arabic foods wow

    Engine omarEngine omarOy oldin

    Kaiden (Student) CraneKaiden (Student) CraneOy oldin
  • He’s probably the guy that would find a real fortnite v buck glitch

    Cam MullerCam MullerOy oldin
  • Just give grey a copy of fallout 4 and the rest just speaks for itself

    Willzb2000Willzb2000Oy oldin
  • YOU MADE 1,000,000 BY WHAT?!

    Hazem NassarHazem NassarOy oldin
  • Looks at title, me: and I said, hold up wait a minute sum ain’t right

    NightmarezNightmarezOy oldin
  • six feet away people!!!!!!!!!!

    Robert lermaRobert lermaOy oldin

    armando martinezarmando martinezOy oldin
  • I really love your channel! Keep it up! ❤ Watching from Philippines 😂

    Osh SalesOsh SalesOy oldin
  • Their first mistake was allowing Gray to run a restaurant. Their second mistake was allowing people to enter his shop.

    Cal SheridanCal SheridanOy oldin
  • 13:07 you sounded very gay when you said 'these'

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    Flower PowerFlower PowerOy oldin
  • Well then, by that standard I'm not a man.

    alastor lapidalastor lapidOy oldin
  • I kept hearing "alright" thats makes my brain keep remembering it and I say that when am about to watch some vidoes like alright ima watch videos it hipnotize me no reason ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ⬇

    Florinda AmperFlorinda AmperOy oldin
  • 4:14 Ah yes. Identical twins on a double date. Which takes place in a burger shop.

    Chandere YanChandere YanOy oldin
  • 2:24 it says 'coustimize you shop' *you* not going to say anything bout it-?

    leequixieleequixieOy oldin
  • After seeing the title i can just imagine a customer going "Wow, tastes exactly like my mother's cooking "

    lavish 263 teamlavish 263 teamOy oldin
  • 1:17 its a india dish the sign say the dish name

    Aah_RBLXAah_RBLXOy oldin
  • Wha-

    sub to me if ur not a simpsub to me if ur not a simpOy oldin
  • Good that grays not god or he will destroy the world

    FRFR MFRFR MOy oldin
  • What the hell that is my description of of grays restaurant

    The Emerald RocketThe Emerald RocketOy oldin
  • Boń Appetité he said It oils be good he said

    Bean Thug BossBean Thug BossOy oldin
  • Thats Arabic

    Ant CrewAnt CrewOy oldin
  • US government: gray you are the only person to save the entire planet hurry ( gray) thats not gunna happen

    maverick plankton squashmaverick plankton squashOy oldin
  • Grey:censors swearing. Also Grey: does not have any boundaries when it comes to sexual jokes. (Idk mabey I’m just dirty minded)

    SM1L3 PL4YZSM1L3 PL4YZOy oldin
  • what have u dun

    Κώστας ΣταμουΚώστας ΣταμουOy oldin
  • A daily dose of gray means therapy every day

    Wolf KingdomWolf KingdomOy oldin
  • 12:02 He is very pleased to be touching the floating garbage!

    Reminuuk SeverskReminuuk SeverskOy oldin
  • Gray: “Dat right der. Is a lot of falafels” The game: “TO MANY FALAFELS TAKE HIM AWAY!! This is awesome I love your videos and all the mayhem you cause, you have inspired me to blow up my school work UvU

    I stole your cheeseI stole your cheeseOy oldin
  • You used to like potted plants in games no matter what

    Moin MughalMoin MughalOy oldin
  • Falafel actually means sweet pepper

    Walaa ShahataWalaa ShahataOy oldin
  • The smart book is funny

    aceland3aceland3Oy oldin
  • 7:43 uhmm gray what your describing dosnt sound like slender pretty sure that your describing offenderman

    Gacha pepperGacha pepperOy oldin
  • gray breaks games in ways the the creator couldn't even think of

    Ghost KillerGhost KillerOy oldin
  • I was promised pee in food, I feel disappointed.

    Sinister ThoughtsSinister ThoughtsOy oldin
  • In Lebanon, they pronounce falafel as falaefill. With an a as in air and not an a as in tart. And also, in Lebanon, the salads there are usually just cucumbers or tomatoes occasionally dipped in hummus.

    Adam MardiniAdam MardiniOy oldin
  • your getting paid? i was doing it for free

    Jalloh AbdulJalloh AbdulOy oldin
  • bruh 🤣

    TacticalGraboidTacticalGraboidOy oldin
  • from 7:35 to 7:37 he says"instead he tatoos abeard on his face. like if you tink it is funny it will help a lot and whoever likes this first,good luck to u and i will sub to ur channel

    Imeanhair HairImeanhair HairOy oldin
    • i mean from 7:30 to 7:35 sorry

      Imeanhair HairImeanhair HairOy oldin
  • he said" I CANT WAIT TO PISS IN THE DEEP FRIER! me:*smirk. me again:

    Imeanhair HairImeanhair HairOy oldin
  • All you hear from gray: "Alright, so-----"

    MizzyMizzyOy oldin
  • There are women in this town but they're all related and all look exactly identical and all wear the same exact clothing

    Zen4real fight manZen4real fight manOy oldin
  • He used music from lust epidemic didn't he.

    Potato LordPotato LordOy oldin
  • no pee😭😂

    kayden barkerkayden barkerOy oldin
  • Oh. My. God. I've just realized that Gray is basically the Florida Man version of the Spiffing Brit.

    Trevor21230Trevor21230Oy oldin
  • Normal gamers : “lets have a great time!” Insane gamers : “ALRIGHT EVERYONE TODAY WE ARE GONNA BE SEEING HOW MANY PEOPLE WE CAN FIT IN A BOX!”

    William GroesbeckWilliam GroesbeckOy oldin
  • 1:09 FALAFEEL that's the name of the food

    Shadow PersonShadow PersonOy oldin
  • Bad restaurant for covid😅

    super raptor 19super raptor 19Oy oldin
  • this man is like a bug reporter with added Florida

    Rhys WilliamsRhys WilliamsOy oldin
  • Aneurysm Simulator 2020

    Tackle And TrailTackle And TrailOy oldin
  • “My body is stuck inside that of another NPC”- Gray 2020

    Mehdi DatooMehdi DatooOy oldin
  • Ppl with common sense: how many ppl are there at once Gray: y e s

    BangerzBangerzOy oldin
  • No joke falafels is the best thing I have ever tasted. :)

    Το ΚΑΚΌΟΟΤο ΚΑΚΌΟΟOy oldin
  • Out of every single video on your channel, I decided to click on you mistaking peoples good with a toilet, a common misconseption

    CowIsBadCowIsBadOy oldin
  • F

    ColdsColdsOy oldin
  • I committed a crime in front of everyone - Among us

    Thopaz ProductionsThopaz ProductionsOy oldin
  • “ you may ask yourself, what is happening?! And the answer is: it doesn’t matter!” Definition of the channel.🤣

    CK FriendsCK FriendsOy oldin
  • hi

    TTV_Vladimir 2602TTV_Vladimir 2602Oy oldin
  • Oh, so you want to hear about falafel sorcerer. Well kids let me tell you a story...

    Karol RolkaKarol RolkaOy oldin
  • I was hoping this was a video

    Dipper OlivierDipper OlivierOy oldin
  • any games that has money that gray plaz he has like a billon how long time dose he play the game

    eze cooleze coolOy oldin
  • Sometimes I want him to actually play properly 😂

    Muhammad KhanMuhammad KhanOy oldin
  • What is this

    MariaDalia SorianoMariaDalia SorianoOy oldin