i completed the infinite falling challenge

14-Okt, 2020
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i completed the infinite falling challenge
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dodge this
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  • ”What if the blowey thing sucked”

    Something 2B4Something 2B4Kun oldin
  • Laughter

    James LuttrellJames Luttrell5 kun oldin
  • I lost it when he said "ass beating hammers" omg I died of laugjrer

    James LuttrellJames Luttrell5 kun oldin
  • Gray: *does not play happy wheels* UZworld: YUP THATS HAPPY WHEELS

    Clover_Draws!Clover_Draws!5 kun oldin
  • ROoKiE NuMBErS

    Jeffrey WerneckeJeffrey Wernecke6 kun oldin
    • SsssssSSSs

      Jeffrey WerneckeJeffrey Wernecke6 kun oldin
    • NuMBERSssssS

      Jeffrey WerneckeJeffrey Wernecke6 kun oldin
    • ROoKIE

      Jeffrey WerneckeJeffrey Wernecke6 kun oldin
    • ROoKiE NUMBeRs

      Jeffrey WerneckeJeffrey Wernecke6 kun oldin
  • 1:45 gray, alchol is a drug

    religiousabusereligiousabuse7 kun oldin
  • Y does it show happy wheels when u scroll down

    Lethal LiquidatorLethal Liquidator7 kun oldin
  • Grey when ever they can't explain something "Drugs and alcohol"

    PotatoWeeb_PotatoWeeb_9 kun oldin
  • This is very relaxing

    Static empire 420Static empire 42010 kun oldin

  • H A P P Y W H E E L S

    NSQL_Usp FolhaNSQL_Usp Folha13 kun oldin
  • is it only me or does he break every game he plays

    Analdo pembertonAnaldo pemberton15 kun oldin
  • Why can’t I download the game on iPhone

    YT BestGamer525YT BestGamer52517 kun oldin
  • This is the song that never ends It goes on and on my friends Some people started singing it not knowing what it was And they keep on singing it Forever just because (Repeat from beginning)

    Emerald BladerEmerald Blader18 kun oldin
  • When your able to break 10x the amount of bones in the human body.

    Braden SaundersBraden Saunders20 kun oldin
  • Me: Makes $20,000 a month. Gray: ROOKIE NUMBERS!

    Braden SaundersBraden Saunders20 kun oldin
  • How do I get this game

    SparklingRaineSparklingRaine21 kun oldin
  • Im AlmOsT dRuNk HeLp MeH pLeAsE

    Ana Paula Pereira Dos SantosAna Paula Pereira Dos Santos22 kun oldin
  • funny how i have never heard him say that is good HAHAHAHAHA

    Keith NoelKeith Noel22 kun oldin
  • Hey can somewone link me the game

    Nihat TutarNihat Tutar22 kun oldin
  • the falling ragdoll reminds me of the gta 4 ragdoll falling

    Mario PosadaMario Posada22 kun oldin
  • 15:30 DAB ON DA HATERZ

    Chxlsea playsChxlsea plays24 kun oldin
  • You can’t complete something that’s infinite.

    Clorox bleachClorox bleach24 kun oldin
  • where can I download this game?

    That1KittyThat1Kitty26 kun oldin
  • Gonna have to goat it all

    switch swap 困switch swap 困28 kun oldin
  • why is my motorcycle wheel in my throat

    GlitchPotGamerGlitchPotGamer28 kun oldin
  • not just a jet engine, a SODA POP jet engine. 0:44

    Nicholas YunNicholas Yun29 kun oldin
  • Ejaculat hm yeah I bet

    gaming channel ghostgaming channel ghost29 kun oldin
  • i want this game can u give me link to download

    RBLX Fake StudiosRBLX Fake Studios29 kun oldin
  • *happy wheels*

    Radiated LeaderRadiated Leader29 kun oldin
  • "DAB ON THE HATERRRS!!!"💀🤣15:29

    Pot on 4kPot on 4kOy oldin
  • *breaks skull* AGH MY ACHILLIES TENDON

    The Gremlin of The GrassThe Gremlin of The GrassOy oldin
  • 13:05 did anyone else see grays leg fly across the map?

    Black DoctorBlack DoctorOy oldin
  • 1000000000000000000 bones broke (gray be like) ROOKIE NUMBERS

    Black DoctorBlack DoctorOy oldin
  • this is a horrid ripoff of turbo dismount

    YoutubeDemonitizeMeYoutubeDemonitizeMeOy oldin
  • Literally ant number: * gets in grays eyesight* gray:RoOkIe NuMbERs

    Tony LaroucheTony LaroucheOy oldin
  • Is it wrong I want to see him play ad the neko girl

    Mason MarchMason MarchOy oldin
    • As

      Mason MarchMason MarchOy oldin
  • when gray violently murders and tortures a anime girl anime fans across the world: AAAAAHHHHHHH WHHHYYYYYY THE F!

    Samuel AltmanSamuel AltmanOy oldin
  • gray: gets infinity points also gray: ROOKIE NUMBERS

    Samuel AltmanSamuel AltmanOy oldin
  • "how much coins do you have?" Gray; " y e s "

    speedy pink boispeedy pink boiOy oldin
  • "alright so were checking out the only game where you can ______" "more _____ damnit" gray I love your intros they make me laugh

    Chace McCuddyChace McCuddyOy oldin
  • You should get paid by this company to try and break their games

    kaycee Tokarskykaycee TokarskyOy oldin
  • Turbo dismount?

    Asankanu 457Asankanu 457Oy oldin
  • You read it like Neeeko, not Neko.

    Otaku SoldierOtaku SoldierOy oldin
  • Wait up this is a copyright of stickman dismount/turbo dismount

  • graystillplays is hackerman

    LeAnn FouseLeAnn FouseOy oldin
  • Not related except for being in English, but I just made a disgusting sandwich. God I hate it.

    TheMarioKingTheMarioKingOy oldin
  • where is zerotwo

    OoboodoOoboodoOy oldin
  • "Alright let me jus yeet myself in between these fans real quick"- graystillplays 2020

    Animatedgames27Animatedgames27Oy oldin

    NomadNomadOy oldin
  • description: happy wheels

    Lemon_PlayzLemon_PlayzOy oldin
  • So this is what y!u use your brain for.

    Jacob SegalJacob SegalOy oldin
  • bruh youtube is so drunk and stupid in the description it says this game is Happy Wheels

    Leland BowmanLeland BowmanOy oldin
  • I watched this after I almost got parilized from the waist down now I feel better I can't walk but I feel better

    justyouraveragepieceoftoastjustyouraveragepieceoftoastOy oldin
  • The blue ball’s nose is so long that they go into it’s mouth

    PotatoMasterPotatoMasterOy oldin
  • my frend was nagging me to watch you and it was so worth it this is amazing

    Sire gaming101Sire gaming101Oy oldin
  • Ligit I was playing brawl stars with horrible wifi and while watching this and won how

    Luis AlvaradoLuis AlvaradoOy oldin
  • 3:10 Every rocker before finishing the concert

    santiago Uriel Nadaysantiago Uriel NadayOy oldin
  • The game is a copy

    Johney HuntJohney HuntOy oldin
  • Where can I get this game? Either i'm a moron and can't find it or its not on google play

    J. OwensJ. OwensOy oldin
  • Gray: is that a giant windmill of death that’s gonna suck me into infinity god I hope so Me:😂😂😂😂😂

    Speechless GamerSpeechless GamerOy oldin
  • Gray: dab on the haters!!!

    Speechless GamerSpeechless GamerOy oldin
  • Gray: what’s a meow car I don’t know but I want it

    Speechless GamerSpeechless GamerOy oldin
  • Where is Justin Y

    Dariuz PlayzDariuz PlayzOy oldin
  • "Look at the size of these balls!" Yeah I know, that's what she said

    WorldofftansWorldofftansOy oldin
  • am i theonly one who noticed that yt thinks that this is happy weels

    E BE BOy oldin
  • His videos are so funny I think I swallowed every insides I had

    warrobots YTwarrobots YTOy oldin
  • you can have infinite points, but at what cost

    Cassidy TuttCassidy TuttOy oldin
  • What's the music. At 13:53

    A Demonic Smile.A Demonic Smile.Oy oldin
  • ill share my eggplants with you lol

    24tk4724tk47Oy oldin
  • yeah i just saw an ad that said getting cats high to make them stop eating my pets

    giosdeadfishgiosdeadfishOy oldin
  • why is the game not showing up is search?

    Maddox DevermanMaddox DevermanOy oldin
  • I got the shopping cart and it has no jet >:(

    Michael DomresMichael DomresOy oldin
  • 69420

    Steve WasleySteve WasleyOy oldin
  • gray:-plays ar normal game- me:he was like we almost excaped this torture

    LePenywiseLePenywiseOy oldin
  • actual game: dismounting masters aka stickman falling 2 play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.skygo.stickmanfalling2vipvcl

    E-Hern LeeE-Hern LeeOy oldin
  • “what’s this? I don’t know but I want it” you’re such a toddler sometimes 😂

    FandomRandom QFandomRandom QOy oldin
  • Whatever this game is: exists UZworld: *happy wheels*

    how are humans on top of the food chain?how are humans on top of the food chain?Oy oldin
  • If 2030 is bad it’s because you heard the words “alright” now you know life is over....

    Fnaf AndersonFnaf AndersonOy oldin
  • Hi

    Christina MushrushChristina MushrushOy oldin
  • Does anybody even care about the intro OML IT SOUNDS LIKE OOFER TIME

    Isaac KanuIsaac KanuOy oldin
  • “The pits of despair” Me: Kamakura Kamakura yass Queen

    K1-B0K1-B0Oy oldin
  • when you shatter all of your bones and Gray says "rookie numbers

    Sir PurgeSir PurgeOy oldin
  • ‘dodge this’, in the description, though.

    Matticus MadnessMatticus MadnessOy oldin
  • The one word you hear before insanity *Alright-*

    pixel 8erpixel 8erOy oldin
  • He broke so many bones there just dust particles now

    XxTheRealNubxXXxTheRealNubxXOy oldin
  • ROOKIE NUMBERS!!!!!!!!!

    Nathan YuNathan YuOy oldin
  • BRUTALITY!!!!!!!!!

    Nathan YuNathan YuOy oldin
  • If it's a "game". *THEN IT NEEDS TO BE BROKEN*

    Sammy KucinskiSammy KucinskiOy oldin
  • He should have 100 million subs

    Niki MPNiki MPOy oldin
  • I'm starting to think these game developers are making these games just for GrayStillPlays so he can play them, make entertaining content then the game goes viral.

    john starksjohn starksOy oldin

    Gideon BaughmanGideon BaughmanOy oldin
  • can someons get me the song name in the background at 5:54?

    Collin McAdamsCollin McAdamsOy oldin
  • Ready, set, *PAIN!*

    Connor RiceConnor RiceOy oldin
    • Yeah

      Crystal TurgeonCrystal TurgeonOy oldin
  • This game is basically turbo dismount

    JoshTheBossJoshTheBossOy oldin
  • YES. 666K VIEWS!

    Sad Face 4590Sad Face 4590Oy oldin
  • Dude I love ur channel you sound like black jack 2.0

    DrYpsYDrYpsYOy oldin

    Phoenix SpearsPhoenix SpearsOy oldin
  • 666 vies

  • this video 666k views

    henry distracting youhenry distracting youOy oldin