i broke 9,981,053 bones driving through this

8-Noy, 2020
760 211 Ko‘rishlar soni

i broke 9,981,053 bones driving through this
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  • Gray : To try not to get simultaneously removed from reality Tony Stark: Relatable

    Banana BoiBanana Boi5 soat oldin
  • Nobody: Not even Nicoles Cage: Florida highways almost every single day: 8:01

    P0W3RGL0V3 -P0W3RGL0V3 -6 soat oldin
  • the song "wake me up when its all over" is what Nickolas rage is singing now because he always sleeping that y he doesn't jump off the car

    eleanor manongdoeleanor manongdo8 soat oldin
  • "Terminal velocity, where have you been a my lif-" *RIGHT HERE*

    H0llOH0llOKun oldin
  • Teacher: And what do you want to be when you grow up? Gray: *A hood ornament*

    Idklol HahaIdklol HahaKun oldin
  • Hi

    Salvador ElscardoSalvador ElscardoKun oldin
  • I have to do 1100 questions in one day and I’m in grade 6

    Nicholas QuinlanNicholas QuinlanKun oldin
  • Ok I’m whatching this while doing homework and I feel so much better 🙂

    Nicholas QuinlanNicholas QuinlanKun oldin
  • What fps do want to go to Me what fps

    ThePeak 24ThePeak 24Kun oldin
  • 06:12 piss yourself fool

    Suicide KlownSuicide Klown2 kun oldin
  • l hate this Game

    Sebastian WagonerSebastian Wagoner2 kun oldin
  • im pretty sure this dude is jake paul with 100000 tons of caffine injected into his bloodstream... like me.

    kingofthegamerskingofthegamers2 kun oldin
  • What game is that

    Luca,John,Evan ZhengLuca,John,Evan Zheng2 kun oldin
  • 8:43 the car flew like jesus

    The epicgamerwolfThe epicgamerwolf3 kun oldin
  • What the name of the game? I'd like to know.

    Monkey ReesesMonkey Reeses3 kun oldin
  • Daniel BeauchotDaniel Beauchot3 kun oldin
    • NaN

      Daniel BeauchotDaniel Beauchot3 kun oldin
  • 3:07 Nicholas Rage VS Lightspeed bulldozers Ft. Graystillplays

    Jack OeserJack Oeser4 kun oldin
    • 7:36 I’ve seen this map before Back in my day-

      Jack OeserJack Oeser4 kun oldin
    • Truck: *bumper hits ramp* Game: Nicholas Rage was not an impostor (1 imposter remains)

      Jack OeserJack Oeser4 kun oldin
  • Play traffic slam 3 next time

    FreshMorphleMemes OfficialFreshMorphleMemes Official4 kun oldin
  • Use da Tran plz

    Casey JonesCasey Jones4 kun oldin
  • lol first trial creates a frecking Huge Pile-UP

    Rob BeijerinckRob Beijerinck4 kun oldin
  • If he says that he breaks 9981053 bones he would need to break all the bones of 48451.7 people

    Thomas SherlinThomas Sherlin4 kun oldin
  • Gray:this is the highest I've ever gone Buldozer:am I a joke to you

    Wyatt OlsonWyatt Olson4 kun oldin
  • His character should be called Nicholas babe

    starlink132starlink1324 kun oldin
  • Grey: "hey computer what you say?" Car computer:"YOUR ASS IS CRAZY?!?"

    Blade HughesBlade Hughes4 kun oldin
  • HOME RUN 6:23

    Blade HughesBlade Hughes4 kun oldin
  • 6:22 that yell tho

    Asterion GamingAsterion Gaming4 kun oldin
  • what song was playing at 6:14?

    Hammy Nick nacksHammy Nick nacks4 kun oldin
  • It’s better to use the shuriken in half power so it doesn’t end up burning out the entire time

    Thy Last BreathThy Last Breath4 kun oldin
  • Gray zooming in on corpses and grunting in pain is peak comedy XD

    Quicktime EventsQuicktime Events5 kun oldin
  • I love how he's just wheezing. 🤣

    Bodhi GunanandaBodhi Gunananda5 kun oldin
  • Grays laugh gives me internal and eternal happiness

    K1-B0K1-B05 kun oldin
  • *diarrhea'm*

    Seth01MasterSeth01Master5 kun oldin
  • "destroying your balls is always the answer"- Gray

    A DudeA Dude6 kun oldin
  • Nicolas is flying!

    Dragonmaster6667Dragonmaster66676 kun oldin

    Zion StaplesZion Staples6 kun oldin
  • *i broke 9,981,053 bones driving through this* *understandable have a great day*

    Charlotte CookCharlotte Cook6 kun oldin
  • O

    Kristin DeWittKristin DeWitt7 kun oldin
  • 6:23

    idk man a nickidk man a nick7 kun oldin
  • Despite all my rage I am still just Nicolas Cage

    Jeff jerraldJeff jerrald7 kun oldin
  • can someone tell me what the music is at 6:14

    WingdingsWingdings7 kun oldin
  • When he said “Oh piss” my captions made it into “I’ll piss.” I was like, “BAHAAHAHAHA WTF?! XD”

    iiScytheiiScythe7 kun oldin
  • 4:59 And this kids, is why you always wear a seatbelt.

    ThatOneGuyThatOneGuy7 kun oldin
  • "Where there's Gray, there's a way" I don't know why this randomly popped into my head.

    Thailea WoodThailea Wood7 kun oldin
  • If this comment gets 2,000 likes grey has to bring back beam ng drive with the father and son

    Crabon CentralCrabon Central7 kun oldin
  • 6:44: Trunks blows all the cars into oblivion. Cell: Vegeta! Trunks is picking on me! 6:46: Vegeta: Learn how to share, brat!

    Jacob’s Editing StudioJacob’s Editing Studio7 kun oldin
  • 6:23 7:57

    Oof YeetOof Yeet7 kun oldin
  • 14:14 how the imposter successfully convinces everyone you killed cyan in electrical

    childyeeterchildyeeter7 kun oldin
  • I have never laughed so hard before

    Super Sonic GamingSuper Sonic Gaming7 kun oldin
  • Everything is a a board... happy wheels map is a board... I’m a board... even your a board... feelings are boards... boards that’s it 😢

    SanarkasirrSanarkasirr7 kun oldin
  • 6:22 Nothing personal kid.

    Bruce SchiblineBruce Schibline8 kun oldin

    Clinton PflugerClinton Pfluger8 kun oldin
  • 4:26 - 4:33 *insert screaming R2 here.* 6:23 _KOBI!_

    Matticus MadnessMatticus Madness8 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/jHDYmdV5adfOlZY

    BRUH YTBRUH YT8 kun oldin
  • 6:24 sounds like someone else

    XXFirecandle7 WallXXFirecandle7 Wall9 kun oldin
  • He says “but instaid I got decapitated and lost my feet” like it’s the most normal thing in the world

    Crafty KidCrafty Kid9 kun oldin
  • This is so funny! Make more

    Brett ParkBrett Park9 kun oldin
  • When he went really high you see a car that goes higher than him really fast lol

    Carson FarlerCarson Farler9 kun oldin

    XD DylanXD Dylan9 kun oldin
  • I love graystillplays he's funny

    Edward AguilarEdward Aguilar9 kun oldin
  • 5:10 why u need a seatbelt

    Afgon lesbielAfgon lesbiel9 kun oldin
  • Sans wallpaper

    Lekeme CamackLekeme Camack9 kun oldin
  • 6:22 for a moment you sounded completely different gray

    Human Haker9Human Haker99 kun oldin
  • Congratulations on 4 million Gray

    JSPJSP10 kun oldin
  • This is 3d happy wheels

    Oliver EvansOliver Evans10 kun oldin
  • holy mother of satan

    DarkBacon YTDarkBacon YT10 kun oldin
  • Day 8 of asking grey to play teardown

    Official PlaysOfficial Plays10 kun oldin
  • The X wing only shoots when goes on a boost pad

    Bread Bear_ GamingBread Bear_ Gaming10 kun oldin
  • Me: the tank is fine My mind: WHY THE HELL IS THERE A TANK?!?!

    Chandler FitzpatrickChandler Fitzpatrick10 kun oldin
  • Huh so I guess dreams do come true he’s making turbo dismount videos now

    Gameing forever edingerGameing forever edinger10 kun oldin
  • 6:45 Germany: *Blasting Through The USSR* 6:46 USSR: *Proceeds To Obliterate Germany*

    kingdom of Italy At War.kingdom of Italy At War.10 kun oldin
  • Alternate title: my cpu reaches 9,981,053° while I simultaneously break turbo dismount

    hi derehi dere10 kun oldin
  • It’s outstanding that gray has the ability to crash any game especially ones that are near impossible to break

    Captain AlvarezCaptain Alvarez11 kun oldin
  • 9,581,053 sounds like 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 bones and how much time you that amount of a score

    DgwallaDgwalla11 kun oldin
    • I mean how much times you get that score

      DgwallaDgwalla11 kun oldin
  • I went over the game can allow me to I made it to the Billions

  • This was the only game where i reached gray's level of gamplay as child

    It Was Not MeIt Was Not Me11 kun oldin
  • Nicholas cage looked like an angel when he flew into the underside of the bus... lol 01:10

    Vatsal GoyalVatsal Goyal12 kun oldin
  • omg, me and my brother used to play that game we were younger, I never knew the name though..

    Zaina AlamZaina Alam12 kun oldin
  • home run

    Andrew SissonAndrew Sisson12 kun oldin
  • Holy mother of satan. I agree

    Veronica PaolocciVeronica Paolocci12 kun oldin
  • the fact that he can make somebody's bones break in some place that they shouldn't be and make them fly 3624 Meyers up in the air I'm still confused why he has broken the entire space continuum yet

    Stripped ButtonsStripped Buttons12 kun oldin
  • 12:24 thicc bus

    ItsJustCody RobloxItsJustCody Roblox12 kun oldin
  • DF Is Better

    Isaac SeehausenIsaac Seehausen12 kun oldin
  • I have come to make sure of three things that everytime you use the monster truck you must say NOTHING STOPS THE SQUATCH, every time you use the peddle bike you must say oh, pink lightnin. And finally the bird car is the turkey bird

    Platinum ninja GamingPlatinum ninja Gaming12 kun oldin
  • Why are stick man games so entertaining to watch

    The Big Man From BrooklynThe Big Man From Brooklyn13 kun oldin
  • Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!! PINK LIGHTNING

    Elizabeth Del castilloElizabeth Del castillo13 kun oldin

    Elizabeth Del castilloElizabeth Del castillo13 kun oldin
  • ily Gray! Your my favorite youtuber!

    Lucky :3Lucky :313 kun oldin
  • what sold me was "i always wanted to be a hood ornament"

    Eva MartínezEva Martínez13 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: angels have 3000 bones

    LuciferLucifer13 kun oldin
  • 8:31 Netflix: Are you still watching? Sometimes daughter:

    Jonathan MillerJonathan Miller13 kun oldin
  • Some vaginas have balls so what bottles are you talking about

    dhopemdhopem13 kun oldin
  • 0:34 no. That's *Nicolette* Rage.

    Graeme WilliamsGraeme Williams13 kun oldin
  • normal human: has 206 bones gray: bunk up those numbers those are rookie numbers

    interesting yesinteresting yes13 kun oldin
  • there's only 206 bones in the body tf

    FireBlazz 3153FireBlazz 315313 kun oldin

    ian vian v13 kun oldin
  • Ah yes my nostalgic game that gray played this with a dos card

    WhatWhat13 kun oldin
  • I wish he broke 9,999,999 so he is 1 off from 10 Million lol

    Stanford PinesStanford Pines13 kun oldin
  • Gray is the perfect example of what NOT to do while playing games 3:30 nope

    Oscar VelazquezOscar Velazquez13 kun oldin
  • Alright so we’re checking out the only game that made Gray laugh during an intro, it’s Turbo Dismount

    Thought BubblickThought Bubblick13 kun oldin

    sTuPiD man GAMINGsTuPiD man GAMING13 kun oldin