i became a housewife that should be in prison

4-Avg, 2020
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i became a housewife that should be in prison
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The Call of Karen is a PC simulation comedy game about a 1950s suburban housewife whose home is being invaded by Cthulhu. Keep up appearances in the face of an unhappy marriage, ungrateful child, and eldritch madness!

  • Gray:hmmmm yea looks like a baby can fit in there me: wait is he thinking of making a baby cake which is the main ingredient is baby????Fine for me

    Rikie Jhon Mark OriasRikie Jhon Mark Orias5 soat oldin
  • Yes a UZworld that feels the same as i do

    Steve HernandezSteve Hernandez14 soat oldin
  • So this is what it’s like to be a mother

    illLotusillLotus15 soat oldin
  • Why do I keep re-watching this-

    MidnightFoxPawMidnightFoxPaw16 soat oldin
  • This is soo funny.... But I’m secretly watching this at 3am, without my parents knowing, and I’m trying so hard not to laugh. I am amused easily as well so that doesn’t help

    Bella- GachaBella- Gacha23 soat oldin
  • Why would you make a video about a housewife's *NORMAL* life like it's, oh I don't know, hehe, DEMONIC?? I *doubt* that there is anything to do with dark lords wanting to steal your soul! You all agree, right?

  • Am I the only one scrolling through the comments to see if their are any Karen's that say "We dont act like that"

    Panda -WooPanda -WooKun oldin
  • Jesus do you ever shut up

    It's SkittlesIt's SkittlesKun oldin
  • does anyone know the song gray used when he opened the closet full of holy water salt and garlic

    Giovegas702 -Giovegas702 -Kun oldin
  • Radio: “don’t let the octopus into your house!” Gray: *whEEEEZEE*

    2 epic Gamers2 epic Gamers2 kun oldin
  • Your skin isn’t paper. Don’t cut it You are not a book. Don’t judge yourself You are not a movie. Don’t end it You are you. Everyone is beautiful in every way So...... Go and spread this message to the other 99% percent Be safe❤️

    Heather MHeather M2 kun oldin
  • I laughed for 15 minutes straight from this video

    txq pumpkintxq pumpkin2 kun oldin
  • * hears the radio host talk about eldritch demons * alastor? That you?

    Daimen BlakeDaimen Blake3 kun oldin
  • Thank you now i know how to cook 😌

    Mika KiMika Ki3 kun oldin
  • I've very recently found Gray, but I'm starting to figure out his basic formula for the beginning of the video Here's what I've got so far Tell me if I got anything wrong "Alright, so we're checking out the only game where you can *insert thing that is morbid and may-may not be done in this video*, It's *insert game title*." *Shows a bit of the game* "*Insert game title* is a game *pause* where you can *insert things you're supposed to do in the game*. But we're not gonna do that, because that's not what we do here." *video*

    Briar KerboBriar Kerbo3 kun oldin
  • Idk it might be me I think he has def done drugs

    Rhonan GeraciRhonan Geraci3 kun oldin
  • Makers of game “ We need a name for this book “ Random person “ We could name it Definitely a book “ Makers of game “ GREAT IDEA YOU GET A RAISE “ Random person “ I was joking “

    Gacha life LoversGacha life Lovers3 kun oldin
  • 6:02 probably just an scp they haven't contained yet

    OR starOR star3 kun oldin
  • "And thus, Karen vacuumed out the souls of both her husband and child and lived a fantastic life!" *Sucking noises intensify* I hate that I wrote that.

    MindsandMirrorsMindsandMirrors4 kun oldin
  • “A. Wrighter” has to be the best author name in a game I have ever seen.

    hunter watkinshunter watkins4 kun oldin
  • The first time I watched this video I died laughing.

    Brayden OcelloBrayden Ocello4 kun oldin
  • 1:28 whats that metal music I need to know

    DoomGuyDoomGuy4 kun oldin
  • BTW ur voice sounds like family guy lol

    Alanna PAlanna P4 kun oldin
  • Gray: “I’m suckin up aaallll ur Cthulhu juice” Also gray: that sounded rlly wrong”

    Tori SmithTori Smith4 kun oldin
  • Nobody: Not even Kethooloo: Gray: YOU STAY ON THAT PAN OR I WILL BEAT YOUR EGG ASS Me: ~Bursts into giggling~ Mom: WHAT IS GOING ON HERE Me watching Gray make breakfast: BEKFAST

    EmeraldLilyEmeraldLily5 kun oldin
  • When he said "this game has amazing physics" i got an add that said "duh"

    Yellow BebobabaYellow Bebobaba5 kun oldin
  • "What’s a good Christian woman like you you doing out of the kitchen and on America’s airwaves?!" I say that to all the women.

    DavethDaveth5 kun oldin
  • Omg the *What did he do wipe his ass on my carpet* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Yert SavidYert Savid5 kun oldin
  • That’s how I salt and pepper my food

    The KingThe King5 kun oldin
  • bro i just started waching you yester day and i love your vids

    Isauro TorresIsauro Torres5 kun oldin
  • Cthulhu has awaken and is hungry! I'll make him eggs and bacon.

    Lassi NissinenLassi Nissinen6 kun oldin
  • All the tasks are completed and the crewmates win😂

    Toxic LoveToxic Love6 kun oldin
  • Loved the They Live Reference

    Jonathan DelphiaJonathan Delphia6 kun oldin
  • The only thing scarier than elder gods is misogyny

    Hillary the mclamb DespisitoHillary the mclamb Despisito6 kun oldin
  • I bet death is waiting at the front door

  • They are not meat loaves they are bricks

    Tane OdineTane Odine7 kun oldin
  • Hello little spider meatloaf location device. 12:12

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan7 kun oldin
  • Word of advise I looked up "what is hentai" dont look that up I'm literally throwing that phone away😱😱😱

    NotBot noNotBot no7 kun oldin
  • Snti oastt ustj urntb readb nywaya??

    Lxzy_sayakoLxzy_sayako7 kun oldin
  • Demonic octopus:you must go now....be gone PEST. You: pass me my holy water and vacuum gun

    turqouise monsterturqouise monster7 kun oldin
  • Its annoying when the food and the the things start float right guys?

    cauateacauatea8 kun oldin
  • 3:25 Me: I HATH FOUND MY BRETHREN!!!!!!!!!

    Andrea GershAndrea Gersh8 kun oldin
  • gray is just getting used to cooking with 0 gravity xD

    ovo_is _lollingpopovo_is _lollingpop8 kun oldin
  • snot just came outta my nose as I snorted with laughter! This is hilarious!

    Sydney MarshallSydney Marshall8 kun oldin
  • i luaghed so hard

    Misty HaileyMisty Hailey8 kun oldin
  • 6:47

    Brayden BynumBrayden Bynum8 kun oldin
  • I almost died of spontaneous heart combustion I laughed so hard at this video ☠️☠️☠️

    Erika MillerErika Miller8 kun oldin
  • Mom asking for thier child to go eat dinner and they can't *Bye mom! LOve you. GrayStillPlays: Yeah I love ya too, you little d*ck This whole video was great cleaning the eggs and bacon

    Barbara HeidornBarbara Heidorn8 kun oldin
  • The best way to cook bacon without burning it is to * COOK IT WITH THREE OTHER PANS* -Me laughing so hard on this because I want it to be true but instead I would just burn the house down if I try it- Now what you don't wanna do is grab the pan on the top, because that's dangerous, what you wanna do...Is grab the *PAN ON THE BOTTOM* Yes

    Barbara HeidornBarbara Heidorn8 kun oldin
  • One thing on the list would be to ask someone for their Manager

    Barbara HeidornBarbara Heidorn8 kun oldin
  • But you forgot about Texas. Its 98° F one day and the next day its 16° F

    Elena ClarkElena Clark8 kun oldin
  • i like bananas and muffins and scones

    Stephanie WarnkeStephanie Warnke9 kun oldin
  • Can i have the bleach?

    Safia HoogwerfSafia Hoogwerf9 kun oldin
  • BREAKFAST TIME! Its even bacons fav time

    RoxenRoxen9 kun oldin
  • Heh lol

    Juicy BoyJuicy Boy9 kun oldin
  • Democratic meatloaf

    me game!me game!10 kun oldin
  • DUDE image in a game karen is a badass is a game.that would be cool

    Dereck NiDereck Ni10 kun oldin
  • Fun fact! The reason why fridges are magnetic if because children used to get stuck in them playing hide and seek

    Mitchred99 derpMitchred99 derp10 kun oldin
  • "Those bastard commies up North". EH Commrade? 🇨🇦

    GWN AquaticsGWN Aquatics11 kun oldin
  • 12:11 when I see a roach

    Lokee WolfLokee Wolf12 kun oldin
  • Cthulhu: *Starts to swallow the sun* Karen: “Excuse me? I need to speak to your manager!”

    Christopher MoreauChristopher Moreau13 kun oldin
  • I have watched this video about 20 times it's so funny

    Elaina CatanzariteElaina Catanzarite13 kun oldin
  • Haaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaa. 7:21

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan13 kun oldin
  • When I see a spider. 12:12

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan13 kun oldin
  • This is the origin of the “Karen”

    This really lit KidThis really lit Kid13 kun oldin
  • Graystillplays"is chuthullu not potty trained" chuthullu "I had a bad child ok"

    james warrenjames warren13 kun oldin
  • Karen. She scrambles eggs in the mornings and fights cosmic horrors from dimensions of pure darkness in the evenings.

    Svoids of the Divine ChaosSvoids of the Divine Chaos13 kun oldin
  • 8:03 is it better than the squeegeenater 193748293748 from house flipper Note: I hope that’s how you spell it

    Fire wolf GamingFire wolf Gaming14 kun oldin
  • ”Does Cthulhu actually eat eggs?” -GrayStillPlays, 2020

    hunter watkinshunter watkins14 kun oldin
  • I love how he is so chill from this. it makes me laugh 😆

    J GJ G14 kun oldin
  • Karin: notice anything odd? Answer: the meat loaf was a little dry yesterday Out of everything that is happening thats the answer she got 😂😂😂🤣

    Alex BAlex B14 kun oldin
  • 10:17 Gray: you like meatloaf? housewife: i can't tell if that's a yes or a no.

    LaQuan StevensLaQuan Stevens14 kun oldin
  • The first thing gray says when he opens the oven umm yea you can probably fit a child in here

    Jordany VargasJordany Vargas14 kun oldin
  • All this wife makes is meat. The same two dishes everyday.

    Dr. BrightDr. Bright15 kun oldin
  • Put on all of these times and everyone that you see will make you laugh. 3:45

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan15 kun oldin
  • When he saw this he knew. 7:53

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan15 kun oldin
  • Cthulhu stop it

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan15 kun oldin
  • If you don't watch this you will never experience laughter. 12:29

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan15 kun oldin
  • Me when I see a spider. 12:12

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan15 kun oldin
  • Watch this and I guarantee you will laugh to death. 4:32

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan15 kun oldin
  • Jump Karen come on. 4:06

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan15 kun oldin
  • ÆŒæœ

    ihasaraxihasarax15 kun oldin
  • 7:21 me when i eat the weird salt on a bag (A lot of drugs went on this comment)

    [gd] minigdwolfkk[gd] minigdwolfkk15 kun oldin
  • ThIs OnEs FoR tHe hUsbAnD

    RoseJade !RoseJade !15 kun oldin
  • i feel like im a evil persone for laughing for 5 minutes stright when he opens the oven and says " yea you could probably fit a child in there."

    Cori Tucker-TooneCori Tucker-Toone15 kun oldin
  • "If you can step outside without getting melanoma, it's not Florida enough"

    Dr. PogChampDr. PogChamp15 kun oldin
  • No one: Gray:Yeah you could probably fit a child in there

    Skeeter EaterSkeeter Eater15 kun oldin
  • Brought to you by Misogyny & McCarthyism! What every home needs!

    Fellow SinnerFellow Sinner15 kun oldin
  • Francis ur child u sure about having a lizard as a child??

    - Shrxmps -- Shrxmps -15 kun oldin
  • _"I eldritchly empowered my vacuum cleaner."_ #brandnewsentence

    ꧁.꧂꧁.꧂16 kun oldin
  • 7:21

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan16 kun oldin
  • 9:57. Don't you talk back to me

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan16 kun oldin
  • Pro tip demand to see Cthulu's manager

    Brandon SmithBrandon Smith16 kun oldin
  • Oh no so watch my channel it's so good

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan17 kun oldin
  • Grade should play school girls simulator because it's crazy by itself you would have so much fun killing people

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan17 kun oldin
  • All of these times that I sent are hilarious

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan17 kun oldin
  • 11:53

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan17 kun oldin
  • Then after that click 1212

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan17 kun oldin
  • Click on 845

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan17 kun oldin
  • Go get my little child meatloaf

    tonya vavrecantonya vavrecan17 kun oldin