i beat the ultimate bone breaking challenge

10-Noy, 2020
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i beat the ultimate bone breaking challenge
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i fell down so hard i fell up
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  • Stupider is not a word

    Tony BergTony Berg3 soat oldin
  • For some reason gray’s videos are the only normal videos I watch even tho his videos are not normal .-.

    AidenGamingAidenGamingKun oldin
  • every 2 seconds i just hear: AAAAAA, AAAAAA, AAAAAA

    Elimn4tr09Elimn4tr09Kun oldin
  • When in doubt always THINK TRASH

    Sans TheSkeletonSans TheSkeleton2 kun oldin
  • Gray if you are reading this when mark and jack die or retire you will take there place i Guarantee you.

    Conor QuinnConor Quinn3 kun oldin
  • go to 15:28 and close your eyes

    VictoryooVictoryoo3 kun oldin
  • Is this the games real name? Because I searched it up and I did not see it

    Mrmtndew RobloxMrmtndew Roblox3 kun oldin
  • Go to 1:00 and look at the vehicle part that when to the volcano

    Marquez O'NealMarquez O'Neal4 kun oldin
  • This game is like a cross between turbo dismount and happy wheels.

    Garfield LasagnaGarfield Lasagna4 kun oldin

    MrTerryKrabs KRABSMrTerryKrabs KRABS5 kun oldin
  • Kids: it’s lunchtime Gray: it’s launching time

    1447 Gamer1447 Gamer5 kun oldin
  • A is used a lot in this video

    Meriam McHenryMeriam McHenry7 kun oldin
  • I wanna die if Gray Stop Uploading Video :(

    RageGree PHRageGree PH7 kun oldin
  • With a t cL

    Zenthainus -godZenthainus -god9 kun oldin
  • Granka vane kombe

    Darko MilevDarko Milev9 kun oldin
  • it makes it so much funnier that sometimes he sounds like blitzo from I.M.P 😂

    EnergeticDancing DumbiesEnergeticDancing Dumbies10 kun oldin
  • Bro I got a Chinese state farm ad

    Ethan Man15Ethan Man1511 kun oldin
  • :The stickman this is fine : mean while the doctors noooooooooooooooooooo

    刘爽刘爽13 kun oldin
  • Play the original game called stickman dismount. Best game. U can create ur own levels!

    MonumCubMonumCub13 kun oldin
  • Cool Work 💖 look into #MusicProducingEverythingisPossible

    Niamh FloresNiamh Flores17 kun oldin
  • _”This entire episode is about infinite.”_ As someone from the Sonic fandom, I can safely say, you don’t wanna be that weak.

    Matticus MadnessMatticus Madness17 kun oldin
  • Gray crazy

    Mc ColemanMc Coleman17 kun oldin
  • Nice Video 💪 free samples - #MusicProducingEverythingisPossible

    Gracie WashingtonGracie Washington17 kun oldin
  • The bomb is boom 😂

    Conner YousifConner Yousif17 kun oldin
  • Hey 6667 that’s the number to my name.

    Dragonmaster6667Dragonmaster666718 kun oldin
  • Grey:how many points do you do Shopping chart: ýė§

    Jason LoganJason Logan18 kun oldin
  • Oooh man -- I'm still amazed this is an entire GENRE of games, but I am so glad it is! So much destruction, so much DEATH. . .and so many infinite points! You are a master of manipulating the shopping cart and the skis. Or maybe they're manipulating you?

    docette2015docette201518 kun oldin
  • Dear gray,if you do shoutouts,can you give me a shout-out in the next vid? Thanks!

    Addison BellAddison Bell18 kun oldin
  • Get this man a shopping cart!

    Marklanchvar32Marklanchvar3218 kun oldin
  • “When in doubt, steer with your feet.” -GrayStillPlays, 2020

    Andrew ChanceAndrew Chance18 kun oldin
  • Day 10 of asking grey to play teardown

    Official PlaysOfficial Plays18 kun oldin
  • gray cant break this game im sure of it gray: oh yeah lemmie see >:)

    Fraser142Fraser14218 kun oldin
  • Congrats on 4 million subs

    Dane PlayzDane Playz18 kun oldin
  • Infinite torture and infinate points are seprate things for gray but in reality Infinite torture=infinate points

    Liam IsaacsonLiam Isaacson19 kun oldin
  • 2:42 I love how she YEETS the ufo at the poor dude😭😂

    The CmachineThe Cmachine19 kun oldin
  • *valiant hero music*

    Charles CalvinCharles Calvin19 kun oldin
  • 15:18 stick s*x

    The BananaboiThe Bananaboi19 kun oldin
  • 1:04 stick s*x

    The BananaboiThe Bananaboi19 kun oldin
  • 7:44 Name Of the Music Or You Go To Italian Gulag

    kingdom of Italy At War.kingdom of Italy At War.19 kun oldin
  • in the intro u got a head kick

    Rachael PrestRachael Prest19 kun oldin
  • Home all weekend

    Conswalla GoodenConswalla Gooden19 kun oldin
  • I love u

    Conswalla GoodenConswalla Gooden19 kun oldin
  • Every time I heard the naaa sound of the car's passing @1:38 made me thinking a cat was meowing.

    JackalopeJackalope20 kun oldin
  • i am literally a high schooler and dont know why swear words are funny to me

    blue pikminblue pikmin20 kun oldin
  • me; waiting for gray to use the car that is literally named "naked"

    Cassidy EarlCassidy Earl20 kun oldin
  • Gray should play People Playground

    GrimReaperKingGrimReaperKing20 kun oldin
  • i just heared a og horn when he seid sh@t

    Dj FrancisDj Francis20 kun oldin
  • Will you wish me a happy birthday on December 24th

    DoomGuyDoomGuy20 kun oldin
  • You are braking me! :)

    Colin TrottierColin Trottier20 kun oldin
  • LOOOL 12:04

    Ian ReneauIan Reneau20 kun oldin
  • when you break more bones than the amount of people in the human population

    Iron CYRIron CYR20 kun oldin
  • hi gray i really like the content. anyways there's this level i want you to try out called Harpoon Dodge Matrix. it is the epitomy of pain and suffering...

    Piotrek SzczepanskiPiotrek Szczepanski20 kun oldin
  • Gray must play Teardown, A game with Gud graphics and Blocks Has law of physics Rocckets G u n z And i dare you to break dat game

    Dat MedicDat Medic20 kun oldin
  • Distracted by the vacuuming in the background of some clips

    Alexandria IngramAlexandria Ingram20 kun oldin
  • If u give gray a game. He'll beat it faster then anyone. And still, put them all in hell

    Kai GalaxyKai Galaxy20 kun oldin
  • Here is a idea PLAY TABS totally.accurate.Barrel.simulator

    Reign watching1235Reign watching123520 kun oldin
  • Ngl you give him any game AND HE WILL FIND AWAY TO BRAKE THE GAME

    jamie ali-boycejamie ali-boyce20 kun oldin
  • If you think he is the or one of the best UZworldrs like this.

    wonon makranoffwonon makranoff20 kun oldin
  • love the new mic gray

    Carter StambelosCarter Stambelos20 kun oldin
  • Ahhh yes “say yes to the dream and get a Harley Davidson” ive only seen that ad in mass

    xxxcookiegod Lolxxxcookiegod Lol20 kun oldin
  • I like he says do it and the stick figures do "it"

    Mr. DelgothMr. Delgoth20 kun oldin
  • Gray is the one would would take *"Dashing through the snow On a pair of broken skis Over hills we go Running into trees The Snow is turning red I think I might be dead I wake up in the hospital With staples in my head"* to a literal level (i did not make this)

    Random LoafRandom Loaf21 kun oldin
  • (:

    Roberto ArbeloRoberto Arbelo21 kun oldin
  • Gray! You should make monstrosites in Spore for amusement!

    Archer_of_AzureArcher_of_Azure21 kun oldin
  • 11:54 OH my god they hit im out of his shopping cart, YOU BASTARDS anyone get that

    Kenny McCormickKenny McCormick21 kun oldin
  • This man can break any game from realistic ones to famous games or really hard games he can break anything lol

    zyrone Biglang-awazyrone Biglang-awa21 kun oldin
  • I hate the “huyaahh” that keeps repeating in the background

    Cj The Gun ManCj The Gun Man21 kun oldin
  • Happy Way is just the Path of Pain from Hollow Knight on steroids

    CipherDoesStuff :DCipherDoesStuff :D21 kun oldin
  • We need more Floridaman fanfiction on episodes

    scoots291scoots29121 kun oldin
  • The fact that he manages the make videos even though a tropical storm is causing flooding in Florida, is impressive

    DanielDaniel21 kun oldin
  • 3:38 this is no longer family friendly shes touching somewhere that is not legal on youtube

    Idiot BrozIdiot Broz21 kun oldin
  • 2nd comment as slight criticism is 'disrespectful'. I enjoy your vids gray but its stale how many times i hear whats inserting butt holes. First couple times was funny, now its not funny at all and i hope the next videos you refrain for saying it. You have kept me entertained this year but the same commentary is putting you back

    Ozman DozOzman Doz21 kun oldin
  • Gravity: *existing* Gray: I can milk you...

    Lost WeaverLost Weaver21 kun oldin
  • Hes gonna go untill his title is "i beat the i beat the i beat the i beat thebi beat the ultimate i beat the ultima bone breaking challenge and this this happend"

    JVCDMJVCDM21 kun oldin
  • What's the game called

    Funtime Shadow Springtrabonnie YouTube OfficialFuntime Shadow Springtrabonnie YouTube Official21 kun oldin
  • Dark helmet:Light speeds to slow,were going to have to go straight too.....Ludicrous speed! (Gray:HELL YESS!) Colonel sanders:ludicrous speed! We've never gone that fast before,i dont know if this ship can take it Dark helmet:Whats the matter sanders...chicken! Colonel sander:Prepare ship for ludicrous speed! Dark helmet:Give me that you petty excuse for an officer! Ludicrous speed GO!

    SP4CE RaptorSP4CE Raptor21 kun oldin
  • What game is this

    Fierce GamingFierce Gaming21 kun oldin
  • I've played a game similar to this and my guy's neck was stuck in a saw blade for like 20 minutes and his limbs popped off and went flying during the time and I got to buy almost EVERYTHING. True story. I almost died from laughing.

    Orion PowersOrion Powers21 kun oldin
  • I love dbz so much

    You read my channel NameYou read my channel Name21 kun oldin
  • Shot game: every time Gray makes a bad decision or say a comment about something that is painful take half a shot

    Heather MattiHeather Matti21 kun oldin
    • You will be drunk by the end

      Heather MattiHeather Matti21 kun oldin
  • “Life is pale without Gray UZworld notifications” Guy with Cocaine as his profile picture

    s scs sc21 kun oldin
  • They killed Kenny 11:57

    Luis SalinasLuis Salinas21 kun oldin
  • 6:04 gamer girl blood and the simp loves it

    Lightning SpecterLightning Specter21 kun oldin
  • UFO is the new shopping cart

    Jeffrey WerneckeJeffrey Wernecke21 kun oldin
  • I can listen to this guy's voice all day long🤣🤣🤣 I've never laughed this hard before

    SNIPER150 GAMINGSNIPER150 GAMING21 kun oldin
  • Anybody else:100k yay Gray: 100k ROOKIE NUMBERS

    JustkiwiJustkiwi21 kun oldin
  • gray should play goat simulator...

    Ishan RastogiIshan Rastogi21 kun oldin
  • Gray=Ultimate Hope

    Nagito KomaedaNagito Komaeda21 kun oldin

    Mukaddes BAŞKONUŞMukaddes BAŞKONUŞ21 kun oldin
  • Stickman torture becoming a trend after Gray's stickman torturing videos become popular.

    Marklanchvar32Marklanchvar3221 kun oldin
  • Would you revisit some games you played in the past to see how they've changed and rebreak them? I think that'd be pretty fun to watch. Hobo Tough Life would be a good example if they've even updated it.

    Titan11Titan1121 kun oldin
  • 9:46 i think gray needs help

    Gabe R12Gabe R1221 kun oldin
  • Character gets mutilated by blades Gray: "MMM thAT's hOT" 5:41

    Gabe R12Gabe R1221 kun oldin
    • Is that a Will Smith reference

      Sakuragi HanamichiSakuragi Hanamichi10 kun oldin
  • The shopping cart agony is the reason Shopping Cart Hero exists. Lol

    DaGriffonDaGriffon21 kun oldin
  • Death needs a raise.

    Loveless PrinceLoveless Prince22 kun oldin
  • Gary is the new leader of hell because he is torturing every stick man he sees

    Annchen SaundersAnnchen Saunders22 kun oldin
  • at this current time this is #44 on trending for gaming

    nubs are coolnubs are cool22 kun oldin
  • Anyone else expect when In doubt segway steve

    Arsonist PikachuArsonist Pikachu22 kun oldin
  • epic just way to epic, KEEP ON DOING THIS WORK

    Robert MiltonRobert Milton22 kun oldin
  • When are we getting a face reveal, Gray? Uh-Huh yeah sure, internet safety, pffft you of all people should know that's a myth.

    User 20 BillionUser 20 Billion22 kun oldin