breaking 1,845,056 bones by failing to do backflips

31-Okt, 2020
758 880 Ko‘rishlar soni

breaking 1,845,056 bones by failing to do backflips
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Jump from an amazing variety of locations, from your regular day town to the tension of the Wild West or the amazing sci-fi World, there are tons of levels to explore! Land on specific targets, perform amazing frontflips and backflips to get more points and get rewarded for crashing!

  • “Oh God, it’s like I’m renting bones just to BREAK THEM!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🍪🍪🍪🥛

    Jeff SimmonsJeff SimmonsKun oldin
  • I think grey has became the devil.. 9:44

    Sean de RoziereSean de Roziere2 kun oldin
  • This is the funniest channel that I came across😂😂

    Gabi tavaresGabi tavares3 kun oldin
  • This video is too funny for my own good...

    Kensington CobbKensington Cobb5 kun oldin
  • Idea: The Sims but every time there's a urine puddle, you place a toilet there.

    try butfailtry butfail5 kun oldin
  • For anyone wondering it's bluestacks

    BlueBlue6 kun oldin
  • You know you reach god numbers when you have access to unwanted bones to be broken

    Ralphofthehill 57Ralphofthehill 576 kun oldin
  • Gray do you know you can tap it

    Kalief GuilloryKalief Guillory8 kun oldin
  • Is that ninja flip? Its like the same game

    Larry BelarminoLarry Belarmino8 kun oldin
  • Does gray still plays know what slendrina is

    Kandyce SmithKandyce Smith10 kun oldin
  • Me: sees Gray posted 27 seconds ago Also Me: TO TGHE COMMENFGJRDTGSDFTFDYVUFYGC

    Joanne ClarkJoanne Clark11 kun oldin
  • When gray is controlling he’s basically controlling the world rn # corona :(

    Jose CamposJose Campos11 kun oldin
  • Bruh

    Daisy OrquizDaisy Orquiz11 kun oldin
  • Gray:*ruins this girl’s life a million times* Satan:So, I just wanna say I’m a big fan

    A. E.A. E.11 kun oldin
  • Sarah craft reporting for death! Say I will shatter my skull. I will shatter my skull! I will die! I will die!!

    Lysander LanningLysander Lanning12 kun oldin
  • You need to play Wwe2k20

    42 Gaming42 Gaming12 kun oldin
  • This is such a stupidly funny looking game

    Twisted Logic CoastersTwisted Logic Coasters13 kun oldin
  • This game has so many levels

    Twisted Logic CoastersTwisted Logic Coasters13 kun oldin
  • 1:55 *’Fail’ music.* Gray: _”YEES!”_ 8:12 - 8:15 Cactu- 😂

    Matticus MadnessMatticus Madness14 kun oldin
  • It’s funny how the title is breaking I forgot the number but he says there is not even 200 something

    CoR woofCoR woof14 kun oldin
  • Gray calls the levels boards

    Kurt Axl PeñaKurt Axl Peña14 kun oldin
  • "Oh I finally got head" -Gray, 2020

    Chats With The BoysChats With The Boys14 kun oldin
  • i mean glitch

    Arzhael 15Arzhael 1515 kun oldin
  • 8:56 The SERIOUS lag

    Arzhael 15Arzhael 1515 kun oldin
  • I see sockfor1 Skin lol

    Animator DailyAnimator Daily15 kun oldin
  • 1:45 that's what she said

    ScrewyBuckle 567ScrewyBuckle 56716 kun oldin
  • Is every thing a board to u?

    SanarkasirrSanarkasirr17 kun oldin
  • What game is this?

    ROUGE GamingROUGE Gaming17 kun oldin
  • "I still need to get lobotomized by the toolbox." lul

    otaku1229otaku122919 kun oldin
  • My brother's name is Odin

    jellyjelly20 kun oldin
  • Gray breaking 1million bones* 627k people watching: I N T R E S T I N G

    Zaldie De GuzmanZaldie De Guzman20 kun oldin
  • No one: Not a single soul: Gray: Alright, today were breaking bones that don’t even exist

    powdered_cowspowdered_cows21 kun oldin
  • The part of the working grill with the music is funny the music is from a game on roblox

    Nene FNene F21 kun oldin
  • When i see it says bump head i think it said crack ur head like a nut

    Team Piranha PlantTeam Piranha Plant21 kun oldin
  • Tiger lily looks like jasmine

    Adele DragneelAdele Dragneel22 kun oldin
  • What the hell 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    Stephanie AldrichStephanie Aldrich23 kun oldin
  • I love how when he was screaming Christ it sounded almost like Australian man

    Flame W2927Flame W292723 kun oldin
  • Gray:is this level 69. Me :fu#k ya Gray:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😢

    zayne deaverzayne deaver23 kun oldin
  • What device is this on ;-; (Like pc, phone etc)

    Me & My KiddoMe & My Kiddo24 kun oldin
  • 11:09 Alexa hit the floor so hard, Gray can't even get his mic to work properly

    Khyruddin BoyerKhyruddin Boyer25 kun oldin
  • Gray: *Breaks half of his bones* The Game: You’ll be fine.

    TheShadowJackTheShadowJack25 kun oldin
  • who else laughed so hard you could not breath?

    bryan sparksbryan sparks25 kun oldin
  • whats the game

    Trollz On YouTubeTrollz On YouTube25 kun oldin
  • “don’t me i’m just cleaning the floor with my tongue”

    Lilly BrierleyLilly Brierley25 kun oldin
  • "Jesus ( *suddenly australian* ) Chroiiist"

    Hunter FlameHunter Flame26 kun oldin
  • ther are around 30 to 350 bones in the human body

    Cool Block DudeYTCool Block DudeYT27 kun oldin
  • "Sarah Scoth reporting for death." Ah yes, sounds normal.

    Arianna DorseyArianna Dorsey27 kun oldin
  • Is there a way to torture our Sims like this?

    Carolyn BrooksCarolyn Brooks27 kun oldin
  • Hey grey i played the game all the way through and at the pirate realm you have to bump your head on a SPIKE

    FXX ChimichangaFXX Chimichanga27 kun oldin
  • You are the best

    Thug life BaconThug life Bacon27 kun oldin
  • 10:03 say hello to your new no no circle 😏

    Christina HallChristina Hall28 kun oldin
  • The people in this vid: here we go for the 313243545467586970796865765674849505949484373265242536475895965454545454663858686776644th Time

  • “There’s not even that many bones in a body” Have you ever seen your own videos???????

    James NewhamJames Newham28 kun oldin
  • what game so this called?

    Poop PoopPoop Poop28 kun oldin
  • Gray: oh finally I get head Me: well that's sad.

    The GhostThe Ghost29 kun oldin
  • Stop saying curse words

    vJxtsvJxts29 kun oldin
  • Cacti*

    Idiotic PenguinIdiotic Penguin29 kun oldin
  • lik ehow the game when you scrolll down is sims 4

    Aidenlol bonzantoAidenlol bonzanto29 kun oldin
  • Gray: Plays game about doing backflips and breaking bones UZworld: yep that’s the sims 4

    Halo FanHalo Fan29 kun oldin
  • The only game you can play right.

    Lennon SligerLennon Sliger29 kun oldin
  • I'm going to be very concerned when gray has a child...

    THESE GAMES !!!THESE GAMES !!!29 kun oldin
  • Justice From having taxes

    Poop I'm not ur mom 100%Poop I'm not ur mom 100%29 kun oldin
  • Legend has it he had to buy a new Alexa...

    Emma KnappEmma Knapp29 kun oldin
  • My alexa was right next to my computer and went off😂

    Ezekiel StansberryEzekiel Stansberry29 kun oldin
  • 11:09 Im pretty sure I saw King Crimson

    Junior AdofoJunior Adofo29 kun oldin
  • I want more of this game

    The Music HeartThe Music Heart29 kun oldin
  • This is a weird Sims

    SpaceCowPlayzSpaceCowPlayzOy oldin
  • Sarah Croft, huh? You know, I'd read that crossover. XD But yeah, talk about a game so well suited for you, it's a shame you didn't discover it earlier, Gray. I am dutifully impressed by your commitment to pain. XD And breaking physics -- isn't it fun when momentum suddenly goes haywire?

    docette2015docette2015Oy oldin
  • lands face on a cactus "hmm taste like aloe vera"

    Its DeeIts DeeOy oldin
  • ye he should play stair dismount

    fork chanfork chanOy oldin
  • Anyone amused when gray is like "ahh piss" 😂 idk why I find it amusing

    Leah NennigLeah NennigOy oldin
  • 200th disliked let’s gooooo

    Jacob RousseauJacob RousseauOy oldin
  • Walk it off the game says , as her legs twist and warp into another dimension

    Pipe cleaner MasterPipe cleaner MasterOy oldin
  • gray: here's how to break i million bones me: give me the power to break every single bone in my body

    Brady DobbinsBrady DobbinsOy oldin
  • The quality is getting lower every time. I want to see some bone breaking action in slow motion 4k(Sniper elite)

    mrc4nlmrc4nlOy oldin
  • 11:10 KING CRIMSON!

    Black fernoBlack fernoOy oldin
  • 206 unless alexa is a baby..... that have 270 bones

    Michael, Connaire OatesMichael, Connaire OatesOy oldin
  • Sarah croft looks like Sarah Connors from terminator

    Shane AdamsonShane AdamsonOy oldin
  • If Gray doesn't upload and not warn us he's probably dead

    Lumin EsqueLumin EsqueOy oldin
  • Nearly Sixteen Minutes of Gray Yeeting Himself at Various Objects

    SvoidS of the Infinite ChaosSvoidS of the Infinite ChaosOy oldin
  • Sarah Croft or Sarah Connor like for Croft comment connor

    SilverstreamSilverstreamOy oldin
  • 🖕

    Glenn EckenrodeGlenn EckenrodeOy oldin
  • he said it was called street diver but youtube made the pog move of putting the sims 4

    terateraOy oldin
  • 5:38 assasins creed

    Shiny Golden DogeShiny Golden DogeOy oldin
  • This game is a copy of flip trickster Your videos are awesome gray

    NiebownNiebownOy oldin
  • I love the fact that gray titles his videos amount of bones eviscerated.

    teensy bonesteensy bonesOy oldin
  • How would Alexa have any bones? She is a robot....

    Maria ChichilanovaMaria ChichilanovaOy oldin
  • I've never heard of this game but I want it badly.

    Scott WatrousScott WatrousOy oldin
  • I’m guessing that Satan is your number one fan.

    GamerGirl TV1717GamerGirl TV1717Oy oldin
  • Gray: Renting bones just to break them...

    skilz8098skilz8098Oy oldin
  • are we gonna talk about how this man played through over 100 levels of this shitty mobile game just for our enjoyment? Thank you Gray.

    EspressoCookie89EspressoCookie89Oy oldin
  • he just needs to get out of the game

    Leia Anne M. CarununganLeia Anne M. CarununganOy oldin
  • what a masochist

    ShowMeSomethingRandomShowMeSomethingRandomOy oldin
  • “Screw masrolski aaaah”

    Gabriel SalvatoreGabriel SalvatoreOy oldin
  • 11:09 she’s chocking herself

    Gabriel SalvatoreGabriel SalvatoreOy oldin
  • “Scruffmgruff”

    Gabriel SalvatoreGabriel SalvatoreOy oldin
  • 6:31 return to sender..

    Gabriel SalvatoreGabriel SalvatoreOy oldin
  • There is 260 bone in a adult body

    Midnight FoxMidnight FoxOy oldin
  • There are 206-210 bones in the human body. But if you break them, you may double the amount or more, depending on how many pieces you break them into.

    DragoNateDragoNateOy oldin
  • the human body has 206 bones at full growth, and the title says he breaks 1,845,056 bones. to accomplish that hed need to break all the bones in 8,956.58252 people (or, rounded up to 8,957) and thats rookie numbers for gray

    Devon MaxwellDevon MaxwellOy oldin